Reaperi Cycle - the ancient hermetic developers guild is creating a rpg/puzzle game for the Sega Dreamcast.

the wanderer

$1 /mo
you've entered the temple, and that's the first step in becoming an adept! thank you for sticking around! 

curious adept

$3.33 /mo
you've been talking to the temple librairian and started figuring out the symbols in some alchemy book! you'll get a illustrated scroll with some explanation about the cryptic world of Reaperi Cycl...

dreamy architect

$7 /mo
you've taken some more time to inspect the temple and discovered some hidden passage. you now have access to the surrounding area and they somehow appear to you as life-like dream. your name will a...

sneaky thief

$9.87 /mo
you've sneaked to the guild hideout and peeked at the developers log. it's quite cryptic but you now have foresight of the future tasks and goal of the guild members. darn you, you've even tagged y...