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I Will Not Think About You at All

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A study suggests Christians will pay an average of $1.51 to an atheist if the atheist does NOT keep the Christian in their thoughts. I offer this tier for you, my Christian fans.

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Every week, I record a bonus vloggy video full of secrets and amusing stories that is only available to patrons!
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About Rebecca Watson

Who am I?

I created the Skepchick Network, a collection of blogs focused on science, critical thinking, and sarcasm. I host the live monthly comedy show Quiz-o-Tron. I have an asteroid named after me.

Also, I make videos.

For many years now, I’ve made YouTube videos about the topics most important to me, like science and women’s rights and video games. My goal is to create shareable videos that are both entertaining and (usually) educational.

You can help!

Making awesome videos takes time, money, and energy. My patrons keep me going, and help my videos get better and better.

Here’s what you’ll get:

(higher rewards get all previous rewards as well)

$1/video — Access to Discord and the Patreon-only feed!
I'll post news, updates, and discounts and early ticket announcements (and sometimes discounts) for my various talks and shows like Quizotron! Plus, you get access to a new Patron-only Discord channel!

$3/video — An extra video every week, just for you!
Every Wednesday, I record a bonus vloggy video full of secrets and amusing stories that is only available to patrons!

$5/video — Access to the monthly livestream!
Once a month, I'll host a livestream just for you on YouTube! You can watch live and even join the discussion via text chat! 

$10/video — Twitter friends!
I'll follow you on Twitter and I promise not to mute you! Unless you're a jerk for some reason but why would you give me money and then be a jerk? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

$20/video — Your name in lights!
I'll thank you by name in a video, and your name will also be included in credits at the end of all videos you sponsor!

$100/video — Just me, you, and some beers
I will buy you one beer, in person, at a bar of my choosing somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Or,  if I'm traveling to a city near you, we may be able to make this happen at a different spot. Just get in touch with me and we'll work out the details! Note that this offer can also be exchanged for a soda, a glass of water, mozzarella sticks, or a reasonably-priced cocktail.

Frequently Wondered Thoughts

How often do you publish videos?
Thanks to my patrons, I now publish an average of two videos per week!

That’s a lot of videos.
I know!

I want the $20 reward but I only want to spend $40 a month.
That’s okay! Patreon lets you set a maximum amount of money you’d like to pledge each month, regardless of how many videos I produce. I do not consider this cheating.

A lesser person would consider that cheating.
I know!

How do I get my various rewards?
Just pay attention to the Patreon-only feed! I'll post the bonus vlogs, announce upcoming livecasts, and hand out discount codes there. If you pledged at a level the $10 or $20 level, you can use the box when you sign up to tell me what your Twitter handle is, or what name you want me to use when I thank you.

What if I don’t have any spare cash to pledge?
That’s okay! You can still follow me here on Patreon or subscribe to my channel on YouTube.
$1,500 - reached! per Video
If we hit this goal, I'll start a new podcast or regular video series!
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