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per creation
You're in on the ground floor of Team Becca. This is a big deal! All tiers include:

  • Patron-Only Downloads
  • Videos, Chord Charts & Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Info
  • YOUR NAME in the credits of my next video!
Thank you for becoming a part of my creative process!


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About Rebecca Loebe

Hi, I'm Rebecca Loebe. I'm a working musician. I sing, I write songs and I tour a lot (like 50,000 miles-and-200-different-beds-a-year a lot). Along the way, I'm continuously writing new songs and learning fun covers that I'd love to share in between the full-length albums I release every 2 to 5 years. I've been looking for a way to do that and now I've found it: Patreon.

What's Patreon?

Great question. Patreon is a new platform that allows me to release my newest videos, essays, and songs directly to supporters who contribute $1 or more every time I release something. 

If you like the music I make and want to support me in creating more of it, Patreon is the place. Just click the big orange "Become A Patron Button" up there to the right to get started!

What I Release On Patreon:

Songs, music videos, essays, chord charts, exclusive updates from the road and/or recording studio and more! 

Why I make music:

1) I'm convinced that music is magical and has the power to make the world a better place.

2) I feel drawn to create and perform because it's the best tool I have to elevate joy and make life's challenges more bearable and hopefully outright pleasurable for my fellow humans. It allows me to create community and bring people together. It's my mission on earth.

Why Patreon?

My patrons have become a crucial part of my team. They are the first to hear and react to my new work, they are an engaged group of truth tellers and soothsayers who inspire me to do my best work and then help me figure out what to do with it. Patrons get early - and sometimes exclusive - access to the newest things I create. We have an ongoing discussions about the creative process in the comments of each post.

As a patron, not only will you get a look under the hood of my creative process, but you'll become part of the engine.

Something I love:

What I love about the basic philosophy of this site is that I'm not asking any one person for a bajillion dollars. Don't get me wrong - if you have a bajillion dollars and would like to share them with me, I'd be thrilled to turn those dollars into art. But the main idea behind Patreon is that if a lot of people contribute a little bit every time I make something, those little dollars can add up to a strong base of support. That strong base provides me with the stability I need to feel comfortable spending long hours flailing around in the muck of the creative process, panning for gold. 

Patreon is a safe, fun, comfortable and cozy little corner of the internet where I can interact more personally with people who feel a connection to my music.

How Does It Work?

  • As a Patron, you decide how much you'd like to pay per release, starting at $1
  • I post an average of twice per month
  • At the beginning of the month, you'll be charged based on the number of releases from the previous month. 
  • All Patrons receive access to all posts, regardless of contribution level
  • You can set a cap in your "Settings" to make sure you never contribute more per month than you intend. 
  • If I don't post anything in a given month, you don't pay anything
  • Some of these releases will be exclusive to Patreon and some will also be released to the general public. All of them are made possible by the support of my champions here on Patreon. 
  • Little hack: If you know exactly how much you want to contribute each month, I recommend you set your level to that amount and then set a cap of 1. 
  • As soon as you sign up to be a Patron you'll have access to everything I've released on Patreon so far - that's access to over 20 posts for as little as one dollar!
Patreon is the center of my creative universe, the gathering place for my community and the best place for you to participate in the process of bringing my music into the world.

Funny thing is, this is nothing new. Artists have been supported by Patrons for centuries and my career has always been a collaboration with my audience. I'm so very grateful that you're a part of my life and my journey as a working musician and I'm thrilled that you may be thinking about joining me on this exciting next step.

Thanks for thinking about it!

PS: Do you have questions? I'd love to hear them - feel free to reach out any time: [email protected]

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I will live-stream a recording session in my home studio so you all can see my creative process as it's happening!
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