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We built Rebel News for one purpose — to bring you substantial, well sourced journalism. Remember journalism? News should do more than titillate or enrage. It should connect us, inform us, and educate us. Most of all, news should be actionable. News should be better. What better looks like is open to interpretation, but the need for editing, fact-checking, and independence is not.

We get you involved in creating solutions. Anger might drive site traffic, but on its own, it doesn’t do anything. Rebel News will help you go beyond that, and take action.

You Can Help

With your support, we can continue writing the stories that get behind the political and corporate smokescreen. Is it possible to keep the lights on without pandering or being owned by millionaires? We intend to find out.

What Will You Be Able To Find On Our Site?

  • Articles covering the most important news of the day and historically and culturally important subjects that speak to the larger issues.
  • Our "Take Action" box. Want to know the next steps to take? Find out about event listings, protests, petitions, donation links and otherwise interact with the groups already involved in making a difference.
  • Long-form investigative reporting.
  • A forum to discuss issues, share skills, and plan events.
  • Recurring columns.
  • Podcasts, beginning with our content in auditory form.

With the funds from Patreon we will be working to expand that and add features like:

  • Events calendar of every activist event we can find worldwide.
  • Recurring columns by prominent authors.
  • Podcasts, beginning with our content in auditory form.
  • Video news coverage.
  • Data visualizations.
  • Local coverage of major protests around the world, including our own photojournalism.
  • A lot more.

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Why Patreon?

Traditional investments come with opinions, restraints and all sorts of other conditions that shouldn’t influence the way in which the world gets its news. We believe that by appealing to the audience directly, (hello!) you’ll be able to best reflect the Rebel you want to see.
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This proves to us that some people out there care. Lets get there and then point and laugh at all the people who said "why are you using Patreon?".
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