Jesper Tønnes

is creating awesome movies for Youtube. Right now a STAR WARS fan film!
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About Jesper Tønnes

My name is Jesper Tønnes
Welcome to the Lats Padawan & REBEL PICTURES Patreon. 

Rebel Pictures make all kind of movies for youtube but right now our entire channel is dedicated to one big project! THE LAST PADAWAN!

At the end of 2016, we released our short film ‘The Last Padawan - A short Star Wars Story’. The creation of the film was an adventure of its own, an adventure we're now continuing. The goal is to make a short movie that follows in the footsteps of great adventure movies and continues the saga of the lonely Padawan. We invite you to join the adventure and help us make a new short film for the fans by the fans!

My hope is that this Patreon can help our channel grow and give us the opportunity to spend more time creating content for you. The Last Padawan is just the first step into a larger world. We hope you will join us!  
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When we reach 15 patrons, We'll do commentary tracks for two famouse movies of the Patrons choosing! (Star Wars Maybe?)
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