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We're an arthouse game critique writing collective that features AAA retrospectives of yore with contemporary reviews of microindie titles on We look for the odd, underappreciated, and under-represented, treating games as art instead of asking if they are. With a staff entirely part of the LGBT community, we understand how important elevating marginalized voices is.

RE:BIND is largely a labor of love and dedication, but we still have material costs associated with pursuing interviews, setting up physical pop-up galleries and developer socials offline. As we further grow from written content into our audio-visual expansion, we would greatly benefit from the patronage of those in our audience with the means to do so. Down the line, we want to extend the same opportunity to amazing talent who would like to work with us.

With the assistance of our readers, we can keep bringing untold stories into the light and dispel the consumptive mentality towards older games as sale-fodder or the dismissive attitudes that prevail towards small indies.

We reach out to developers who never thought the press would be interested in their passion for interviews, and analyze games nobody else will. We've proven over the past year that you can get good engagement covering micro-indies, and we'd like to keep up that momentum.

Coming Soon: Our Micro-Documentaries and Interviews

We're happy to announce that we have some incredible interviews with small devs and unheard voices in the indie games community to be released in short order. Our first "season" currently in production features amazing developers like Ryro (Of Genderwrecked), Colorfiction (Of Ode To A Moon), Badru (Of Ice Water Games & Tenderfoot Tactics) and more!

Our interviews will vary in length from the very short, to multi-parters. Through our patreon we will be rolling out early access to the videos prior to release on our youtube channel, and offering additional behind the scenes footage. Further financial support on Patreon will go towards our goals of launching a season 2, which we're currently in the process of filming.

For some examples of our written work, take a look at some of our favorites:

Join us as we journey through obscurity and the curated niche: you never know what we'll find.
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This milestone gives us the capacity to start pre-production on video content, expand/moderate the discord, and start figuring out a podcast with a monthly cycle and guests.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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