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About Stephanie Welch

In 2008, I became interested in health and wellness as I watched the health of people around me decline, including a partner who had multiple sclerosis. I began studying nutrition and explored vegetarianism for health, ethical, and sustainability reasons.

In 2010, my mind was changed on the health aspects as I discovered paleo nutrition and began to use an evolutionary lens to question everything I knew about health. The ethics questions of eating animals were later answered for me through neuroscience, especially a resource called Your Brain at Work by David Rock. The sustainability topic brought it all together as I learned about the work of the Savory Institute and the interdependent biodiversity of the planet.

From 2010-2013, I also began to learn about physical health and biomechanics, including how bodies develop based on neurological input from our environment, and in 2013, I became a barefoot lifestyle advocate. I also took up the torch of bodily integrity on another level and became an intactivist, advocating against the practice of routine male infant circumcision. Both circumcision and wearing shoes fail to take into account the excellent design of our bodies and give others control over our health outcomes.

As I learned about how emotions arise from our brain’s evolutionary programming, I also studied other philosophies of life which included Buddhism and Stoicism, and later resources like Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. I found the keys to mental health are also in understanding how our brain works and deciding where to put our attention.

In 2016, I began a quest to understand relationships and femininity and masculinity on new levels. Having allowed much of my personal external expression of femininity to diminish through a career in massage therapy that emphasizes desexualization of not only the treatment process, but (in some cases such as mine) the therapist themselves, I decided this was not the ultimate path for me and began a quest to reclaim my femininity.

I explored healthy sexuality and a wide spectrum of more intimate services to help understand more of what people are wanting and needing interpersonally in the modern world that they are not getting. Along the way, I also became inspired by alternate models of community that represented more tribal living structures that align with our ancestral social models.

After many stages of being “against” certain things throughout my development, in 2017 I determined it was time to be “for” something and brought together all the topics I had studied under the umbrella of Recivilization. But, at that time, I did not know how to package it in a way that could be useful to others.

In 2019, I encountered an inspiring system of archetypes of masculinity (for which I developed a complementary set of feminine archetypes), learned about the chakra system, and discovered a non-hierachical organizational management practice that all helped to shape how I could tie my concepts together and explain them to others.

In 2020, I developed Recivilization into a set of 56 specific guidelines, across 7 pillars and 8 archetypal character representations, to promote individual empowerment toward collective human flourishing. I am now working to offer this to the world as an alternative to other philosophies, religions, and modes of spirituality, all of which miss out on the essential incorporation of our evolutionary history to all solutions for what humans need in the modern world.

Your funding will go to help make it easier to promote these ideas of unity in human flourishing, rather than divisiveness, to the rest of the world. This is an opportunity for you to get involved and support the Recivilized mission to embark on this monumental endeavor! To become a patron, you can select a tier to contribute that tier's minimum monthly amount (or add more). You can also click the "Become a Patron" button to contribute any custom monthly amount.

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