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About Recivilized Woman

Although modern feminism has made strides to improve equality for men and women, we have simultaneously lost touch in many ways with our deepest senses of masculinity and femininity. As a result, both men and women have been feeling disempowered and increasingly disconnected from one another in modern society.

Amazonia is an organization dedicated to revaluing femininity and masculinity. Our goal is to assess and improve the ways in which women and men are taught, encouraged, rewarded, and compensated for their feminine and masculine contributions to the world.

As women, we are taking ownership by developing co-living and financial support systems that permit us the freedom to pursue the feminine expressions of nurturing, care, beauty, and sensuality. Not only does the ability to express these qualities make us feel vibrant and alive internally, but it allows us to bring these gifts that are so sorely needed into the world.

Through women's empowerment and accountability, we also free men to embody their own powerful masculinity. In contrast to other feminist expressions that reject masculine support, we welcome it. This support of the feminine, in turn, allows its full radiance to inspire the masculine to its highest and fullest expression.

We see an immeasurable impact on society, both in our individual sense of fulfillment and in our ability to raise future generations by bringing both men and women back into more alignment with themselves and with one another in these ways.

Your funding matters, because bringing these gifts requires time, energy, and the financial security of knowing that our needs and those of our families are going to be met.

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