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About ReConsider

Hey! Xander Snyder and Erik Fogg here. You probably know our podcast and blog, ReConsider. It's politics, but we don't do the thinking for you. We aim to challenge the conventional narrative on politics by providing historical and theoretical context on the most important, pressing issues, and helping you see all the policy options available.

The podcast comes about twice per month, complete with political-nerd inside jokes. 

The blog updates once or twice per week.

We're on Patreon to make this self-funding, help us expand our mission's reach, and eventually go full-time so we can do more research, bring you more and higher quality content, and focus on saving the world.

If you enjoy the show or the podcast, we hope you'll contribute. Like Dan Carlin, "all we ask is a buck a show." If you want to give more, we've put together a few ways that we can say "thank you." 

(NOTE: by "a show," we just mean "per podcast episode," not "per blog post." So about twice per month.)

If you're new: go read a few articles or listen to the podcast. If you like it, tell your friends. And if you're able, please consider being our patron to help us continue making it!

Remember: don't let the pundits to the thinking for you. Pause and reconsider.
--Xander & Erik

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