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About Kevin Bergen

The RECOVERY SUPPORT podcast is there to help you in your journey out of addiction and addictive thinking. As a licensed psychotherapist specializing in addiction, I started the show in 2009 to help the many recovering addicts who wouldn't fit into my office.

Many of you have told me how the show has helped you. A couple have even sent some money to defray production costs. I have not put ads on the show, but frankly, the episode frequency has been low because of the time and money it takes to produce the show. Patreon is giving me the opportunity to learn how much value the RECOVERY SUPPORT podcast actually has for you listeners.

If I start getting iTunes reviews and Patrons, I will produce more episodes. That will tell me that what I'm doing has value and that you want more.

YOU set the amount you'd like to send with each episode (you can set a monthly cap if you want to, but I can't imagine producing more than 2 or 3 per month).

Let's see how this might usher in a new renaissance of RECOVERY SUPPORT WITH KEVIN BERGEN.
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ALL PATRONS GET SPECIAL POSTS All Patrons get access to Kevin's Patron Posts here on Patreon (and access to post comments and question directly to Kevin Bergen . . . which he often responds to!)
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ADVANCED NOTICE W/ ORIGIN DESCRIPTION All Patrons who pledge $1 (or more) per episode of RECOVERY SUPPORT will receive (by email) advanced notice of each episode release! YES! You'll find out before anyone who's not a Patron! This notice will contain the background of that episode, how it originated, and insider material not released in the general episodes.
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MY 5 BEST RECENT MOTIVATIONAL INSTAGRAMS Everyone who pledges $10/episode or more will receive (by email) the 5 best Instagrams I've produced since the last episode. I Instagram @theactioncorps to motivate people to take action in their lives. You can't achieve effective recovery without taking ACTION, and I inspire you to do so.
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I'm a full-time therapist helping people face-to-face. If my listeners show me that the RECOVERY SUPPORT podcast has value by becoming patrons (at any level), I will take the time to produce more regular episodes.
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