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The Basics

Recycle This Pittsburgh is a free online resource created to give Pittsburghers specific information about specific items they want to recycle or dispose.

This Patreon account supports ongoing costs of the site (approx. $150/year between hosting, domain, paid wordpress plugins, etc.) and provides a "tip jar" for the development of additional content. Our goal is to add 2 to 4 items each week. We also send out a bi-weekly newsletter.

Become a patron and help us continue to grow Recycle This Pittsburgh to support recycling information for Pittsburgh city residents!

The Problem

After working hard to set aside items for recycling, you may be surprised at the news stories that indicate recycling processors are having trouble selling some of these items on the reusable materials market, or that they are getting stuck in the sorting equipment. Articles, both local and national, discussing the general failure of recycling status-quo in America seem to be appearing constantly:

Just because your recycling bags or bins are collected on trash day doesn’t mean your waste is actually being recycled. And sometimes efforts to make recycling more convenient for us and “simpler” to understand, actually means what we put into the recycling stream causes problems for the entire process.

Our Goals

There are many resources for Pittsburghers to find out general information about recycling. Our goal is to provide very specific information to help you understand if a particular item you have is recyclable or not, and how to give it the best chance of not ending up in a landfill.

We also hope that the details we provide here give you some insight into the issues happening behind-the-scenes with recycling. Once you know a few items that are likely to be problematic, you can begin to make informed choices about the products you buy. And as our community discusses policy possibilities like bans, fees, taxes, etc, you’ll have a better sense of the potential impact these initiatives might have.

Who We Are

Recycle This Pittsburgh was created by a citizen’s group as part of the 2019 What's SUP challenge. It is not directly affiliated with the City of Pittsburgh though we have gathered the information reflected here by reaching out to city departments and talking to local organizations in-the-know.
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We can modify the site code to add a "Curbside, Landfill, Drop-off" label system to items on the site frontpage so that you can quickly see this while scrolling through items.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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