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About Daniel Gonzalez Photography

Hi !!

My name is Daniel and I am doing Motorsport Pictures as a Pro all over Europe working for different websites since 2014! I am Barcelona based and I do mainly work at Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, but I have also been working at Circuito Ricardo Tormo (Valencia, Spain), Circuito de Motorland (Aragón, Spain) and even at Montecarlo (Montecarlo). 

I am a petrolhead since probably the day I was born. I am a fan of Formula 1 and almost every single kind of racing existing in the world. I have been Track Marshalling following my passion to get closer to the action since 2007 and since 2014 I am also taking pictures at events like the Formula 2 races at Montecarlo, the EuroNascar Series at Valencia, or the 24H of Barcelona at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

I have been taking pictures of racecars all my life. When I was a kid and film was the way, I sucked, but kept trying. For some years I have been travelling to some Formula 1 events as an spectator with my camera (Monaco, Austria and Germany) and even to the 24H of Le Mans back in 2010, but now is the time when this is getting serious!

I do also go to Rally Sweden for the WRC event every year since 2013 and to Rally Spain since 2011 also every single year, by now just for fun, to enjoy the action and the days out with my friends.

I am a Pentax User. Not Canon, not Nikon, not Sony. Old style brand, an underdog and unknown brand, so I can't become a Canon/Nikon ambassador over the world with my Pentax equipment, but those cameras and lenses do the job pretty well.

I've been cooperating with some websites in the past as:
https://www.autohebdosport.es ,

And some others, including some teams.

Two years ago my mate and I founded www.circuitcarsmedia.com, and I do also have my beautiful website https://daniel-gonzalezaguilera.squarespace.com/

CircuitCarsMedia is a Media Agency that is supposed to be able to follow the Formula-E Championship.

If everything goes as planned we will be at the Berlin E-Prix before heading out to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix a week after taking pictures to the support races (Formula 2, Formula Renault and Mobil 1 Porsche Super Cup Europe).

My other main events to get covered this year would be the 24H Series race of Barcelona (24H de Barcelona) wich is a kind of races I love as Endurance Racing brings you beautiful images and amazing lighting moments, the Ferrari Challenge event at Barcelona, and the BlancPain Series also at Barcelona or the International GT Open series at Barcelona also. A part from that I will cover the WRC event Rally Spain, and if anything gets on the way, I will be there taking pictures!

Traditionally I have been supporting myself, and my goal has always been "wherever I get into that world, I would take it as if".
However, my passions for creating racing images and share the smell, speed and passion are compelling me to launch a Patreon!
Patreon is a crowdsourced donation platform that allows people like you to support creators like me. If you think the content I provide is worth a cup of coffee ☕️ or a subway sandwich , please consider becoming one of my patrons.

Thank you for stopping by and Let's share the passion for Motorsport!
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If I can make it to 350 patreons, I would be able to go to more events in Spain and at Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya, I would be able to be part of more races there and create more content, more images, and get involved in more races, higher quality series, and that will produce better images.
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