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Welcome to my Patreon page!
I'm a NY Times and USA Today best-selling science fiction author creating a transmedia project about the far future domed neo-Victorian city of Bridges.

Become part of this amazing group of fans, and ...

What's transmedia?

Most stories produced in more than one format are multi-media: the same story in multiple formats. For example, a book made into a movie.

In transmedia, the story is told across multiple formats. For example, books tell most, but a movie tells more. Shiny!

The Animatrix, the Star Wars Extended Universe, and the Potterverse are all parts of transmedia projects.
The center of this project is a 13-part steampunk neo-noir novel, the Red Dog Conspiracy. The Red Dog Conspiracy follows a 22-year-old private eye named Jacqueline Spadros. At the start of the story, Jacqui does nothing more dangerous than finding cats and following philanderers - but she soon finds herself in the middle of a case which threatens to destroy her.


All my Red Dog Conspiracy books.

About the Red Dog Conspiracy books and where to buy them.

Read (and listen to) the first round.
(each book of the main series is one chapter, so I call the book sections "rounds")

Use the Posts tab to see all the posts!


You can solve the mystery of the Red Dog Conspiracy entirely from the print series.

However, there are also clues (and a great deal of backstory) on my blog, and on various social media formats. Patrons get other clues. You may find clues in my newsletter. A stage play is in the works. I'm creating a graphic novel of Morton's side of the story. Who knows where this may end up?

Would you like to join us? If you'd like to see this project go faster and reach more people, Patreon is a way you can help.


What's Patreon?
With Patreon, you become an ongoing "Patron" of my work, like those rich guys back in the Renaissance. But you only need $1 USD a month (or the equivalent) to do it!

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More questions? There are lots of ways to find me!

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What would you do with the money? Look at my milestones!

I'm a independent self-published author with a disability. My husband is retired. I do not have a big corporation paying my way like traditionally published authors do. I don't have a six-figure job nor a trust fund backing me.

So every single dollar helps.

If you're interested in supporting my project, I'M SO GRATEFUL. But please do not feel obligated to give me money, and please don't feel upset if you can't afford it. I try to have public posts on a regular basis so please follow along!

When you shop on Amazon, if you use this link (it goes to the Amazon main page for your country), it gives me a small commission on your purchases without costing you anything extra.

I feel fortunate to have you as a fan. I'm grateful for your support, whatever form it takes!


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One thing I'd love to do is to create a graphic novel of the story from the perspective of Master Blaze Rainbow (aka Morton), called Morton's Fork. Morton has his own agenda for being in Bridges, and it's not what anyone thinks ...

My illustrator is charging $150 a page - when I get to this level, not only will I be able to pay my illustrator to begin work on Morton's story - so you can start seeing it! - but I can demonstrate that there is a market for the novel.

At that point, I can start giving Patrons regular clips from the graphic novel, as they're created!

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