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About Red Angel

Who I am: 

Greetings one and all, I'm Red Angel and welcome to my Patreon. Yes, I've finally decided to make one of these after much deliberation, and a big reason I've created this is because of the encouragement from fans like you. Thanks to the positive reception of Late Night Ponderings, Death and Photography and the Duality of Grief, I've found my passion ignited to take my channel into a new era of creation.

I come to you as a woman of many words and phrases, yet I don't think that I have the proper ones to use in order to politely request your aide. You already support the channel by watching it and I come to asking you to support it if you're financially able to. Every little bit counts and it'll help me purchase new equipment and software that'll make creating new videos easier and more frequent. My goal is to release at least one video per month and to try to get on a regular schedule, but for that I need your help.

Here's an idea of what you'll be getting on a more frequent basis if you decide to support me and my channel.

What I Create:

Late Night Ponderings:
My series of mini-editorials that evaluate topical items from the geeky community and creates a discussion piece about it. Click here to see an example.

In-Depth Analysis Videos:

I critically analyze a piece of work, using research and sources from academic journals or something along those lines, and develop a large scale video essay format based around it. Click here to see an example.
I rank things such as video games based on quality, taking expert care to give full descriptions on why I came to these conclusions. Click here to see an example.

I take a video game and I carefully pick it apart to its most basic levels, deciding whether or not I think people should purchase it. Click here to see an example.

I play games that have not yet left the alpha or beta stage in order to give my viewers an idea of what they should expect if they decide to follow the development cycle. Click here to see an example.

$28.78 of $40 per month
When I reach $40 a month, I'll try to create 2 episodes of Late Night Ponderings per month.
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