Red Button Studios is creating
Awesomely Epic Youtube Videos

Awesomely epic Youtube videos.

Give $
per Video
Milestone Goals
Baseline Goal
$100 per Video
This is our baseline goal. No, it's not much. But when you're making free videos for youtube it goes a long way in helping us afford to make them. What would this help us do? Well, production costs for one. This can get costly very fast. With this goal we can afford better props and costumes for our films.
Wishful Thinking Goal
$250 per Video
Most of our films are done for around $250.00. So every time we get at least $250.00 it's basically another video that we can make or a substantial chunk of the budget. With this we could bring in more actors, possibly go to more cool locations and afford more props and costumes.
Lofty Goal
$500 per Video
Again, since most of our films are done for around $250.00 this would be a huge help in allowing us to make videos on a regular basis with the quality and production value that we want to maintain. This goal would allow us to take a huge step forward with our production value. We could get a drone for example and include awesome aerial shots in our films.
Pie in the Sky
$1,000 per Video
Wow. What we could do with $1000.00. Up the production value, rent equipment, bring in some additional help. Heck, we could probably make a blockbuster with $1000.00. With this goal all our videos will be shot and uploaded in 4K HD resolution.


Awesomely epic Youtube videos.


Texas, USA
Hello peoples.

You probably wondering right now, "Who/What is Red Button Studios?"
That's a great question.

Red Button Studios is a youtube channel where we make awesome short films that we get a kick out of. Other people seemed to like and enjoy our films as well. We would like to keep making films for the Red Button Studios channel, and we would like to start doing it on a regular basis (1-2 films per month). To do that though, we need some help. We're a very small circle of people behind the channel, with very limited resources. We're very good at getting high production value on a shoestring budget, but the fact is, filmmaking is relatively expensive even when you're just making short films for youtube. This means that we can only put up videos when time and money allow us.

So, that brings us to where we are now. Filmmaking is collaborative--now more so than ever. What we would like to do is build a small group of fans and backers who would be willing to provide a small measure of financial support to help us produce and continue making films.

We have a huge list of awesome films that we would like to produce for the channel. Right now, we make them when we can afford it, but with a little help, we'd be able to pump out shorts on a regular schedule. Our plan would be to upload a video every other week--sometimes altering that schedule to 1 per month depending on the scope of the video. We see this is a collaborative effort between you--the viewers/fans--and us the content creators. Our hope would be to not only obtain a small level of financial backing, but also a core group people who we can reach out to on a regular basis for ideas, opinions, feedback and even just to chat and answer questions.

So, if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, we're excited to have you on board!

Thanks for checking us out and keep on the look out for new films upcoming!

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