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About Red Eclipse

We are the Red Eclipse Team, the ones behind the best FREE first person shooter featuring parkour, Red Eclipse. We've been working on this game for over ten years, and we're still here writing new code and implementing feature requests, while bringing you the latest news and sharing any other things of interest.

Red Eclipse is a unique take on the online multiplayer arena shooter genre, borrowing elements from the classics like Quake and Unreal Tournament while adding something new to the mix.

Use impulse — energy in the game — to run circles around your enemies, allowing you to do parkour tricks such as scaling up buildings and gliding across walls, rewarding a player's smart movements to create fast-paced and agile gameplay.

Try the widely varied weapons to pierce/impale/scramble/riddle with holes/char-grill/plasmify/electrocute/pzap/obliterate your enemies. All the weapons have been carefully balanced from community feedback after more than 5 years of development- just relax and have fun.

With the engine's voxel-based structure, maps are easy and enjoyable to make. Use the massive pre-existing library of textures, models and skyboxes or add your own creations, even adding propulsion systems and scriptable events. And all of this can be done cooperatively online, so you can create with friends!

By supporting us you'll be contributing directly toward the ongoing costs and production of more content for Red Eclipse - but don't worry if you can't afford to subscribe or donate - we'll always give everyone access to the same content, because we're cool like that, and we think free and open source media is a worthwhile cause.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback be sure to let us know!

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