Chris, Kendall, Emily and Michael are creating the Redemption Podcast

Super Special Secret Decoder Ring Backer

$2 /mo
Holocron Level 1: You get the warm, wookiee-hug feeling of having supported us! Also, if we meet you at a convention you can demand a high-five from one of the crew.

Five Credit Stellar Footlong Backer!

$5 /mo
Holocron Level 2: In addition to Level 1 rewards, we will give you access to an archive of behind the scenes audios, outtakes, and filthy songs we sing around the table and in...

Stellar Collaborator

$10 /mo
Holocron Level 3: All of the stuff in the first two levels, plus you can work with Chris and create an NPC that he will use in a future episode of the podcast. (Please honor the me...

Hangout Buddies!

$20 /mo
Hangout With Us: For this reward level, twice a year, we will draw four names from our Patreon backers at this level and above and one of the cast will run a virtual game over Skyp...