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Hello there, and welcome! We are RedGamingTech, the partnership of Amata (real name Amy) and CrimsonRayne (real name Paul).

We have been doing our thing on Youtube since 2012, plus our website. We have been doing RGT seriously now for about two out of those four years, but we have also been working full time jobs.

Naturally, that heavily limits the type of content we can do, and there are just some ideas we don’t have the time to execute (but we’ll get into that later). That is why we have decided to take the plunge and start devoting more time to RGT and cutting our "day job" work hours!

And that is why we’re here on Patreon, so we can fully dedicate ourselves to bringing you top quality content, plus all sorts of things we just haven’t been able to do while working full time as well.

What type of content do you do, and what new content will there be?

At the moment, our content is gaming and tech (graphic cards, monitors, CPUs and so on) reviews and previews, graphics and frame rate analysis, gaming news, technology news, technical analysis (such as breakdowns of GDC and game industry presentations) and let’s plays. There's also a weekly podcast, which has been going for a while now. We also strive to get interviews with folks in the industry, such as AMD, Khronos Group (the folks behind Vulkan) and BitDefender.

What we want to do is simple: less news, more original content. That doesn’t mean the news will be going anywhere, though. Plenty of people enjoy that content and appreciate a handy source for all the best news in once place. It will simply mean the news will be collected into a single, round up video with some exceptions.

Anything more complex that can’t be included will be given a unique video, that will be less about the news and more about our opinion on it. We would also be able to generally increase the production value of our videos, with information slides, images and other such things.

However, the original content we want to do at the moment (as we will probably have more ideas as we go) are more Simplified videos (link here), more in-depth tech analysis, more in depth analysis and opinions of the games industry and more tech reviews. We already produce some of that content (such as this Xbox Scorpio analysis, PS4 Pro analysis, and this discussion on in game nudity) but sadly, we haven’t had the time to dedicate to doing it as much as we’d like.

Paul would love to produce more technology guides, tutorials, and help people understand technology. Amata would personally love to dedicate more time to unique, interesting content that is not only an analysis of the industry and the hot topics currently happening there, but games themselves and elements of them. I have explored this briefly back in the early days of RGT, but a series I would love to bring back is my examination of what makes good characters, storylines and mechanics in games.

We also want to give the RGT website a complete visual overhaul, as well as build a forum for you guys to talk outside of the hive of scum and villainy that is Youtube comments.

There are so many ideas we both have, that sadly working a full time job will not allow the time for. Our audience has come to know and respect us for our honesty and unbiased opinion in both the PC gaming and console gaming space, and it is that we wish to bring to you but in its full glory. There are many complex topics and videos we would love to take on with that RGT flourish.

So there you have it, in a nutshell! I don’t want to waffle on too much, so if you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or throw us a message on social media (it’s always /redgamingtech).

So why isn’t ad revenue enough?

YouTube and website ad revenue has taken a hit in the past few years, and while bigger channels are okay, smaller, niche channels such as ours really feel the burden.

While we do receive hardware to review, often it is needed to be returned to the companies (as they are review samples) and so with your help we can keep our hardware and equipment updated too.

Will you be doing rewards?

We aren't planning on doing loads of rewards and tiers, as we don't want to gate off content or anything like that. We will be having  a couple of tiers to simply show our appreciation for any higher donators, but we want any funding we receive to be because you want to fund us.

The milestones we have are longer term goals aimed at covering production costs, as well as paying the bills and keeping a roof over both of our heads. However, we're a small channel, so don't take those milestones as an expectation, they are simply what we would like to achieve at some point in the future. No matter the amount, even if it's $1, is incredible and highly appreciated. This channel has always been our passion, and it will stay that way - we simply want to give ourselves completely to it, and create more content for you to enjoy.

So what can you do to help?

Donate what you want for as long or as little as you want. Every penny is very appreciated and goes towards helping us make the content we love to create financially viable, as well as keep a roof over our heads as we go into the uncharted seas of full time Youtube. If you don’t want to, or aren’t able to commit to a monthly donation, then we also have PayPal available as an option if you wish.

If you’re unable to help out with donations, just know we still are incredibly thankful for you supporting us, whether that’s watching our content, sharing our links with our friends or talking with us on social media - it all helps, and we are always grateful for your support.

To everyone, be they a viewer and of our content or a Patreon supporter - thank you so much.

$161.67 of $500 per month
A fairly long term goal, but this will be a huge help in funding the full time production of videos with one person working on the channel full time, and will ensure that we can keep a roof over our heads with the other continuing to work their day job.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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