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Hobby Farmer Tier Benefits:
  • Access to exclusive, educational videos focusing on different aspects of sustainable farming each month. Current and future topics include aspects such Raising Chickens for Eggs, Raising Chickens for Meat, Raising Hogs in the Forest, Livestock Guardian Dogs, Planning a Garden, Dealing with Garden Challenges, Using a Walipini, Farming with Horse-Power, Dairy Goats, Converting Land from Woodland to Pasture Without Chemicals, Controlling Erosion, and much more!  New videos post at least once a month.

Red Gate Farm, LLC is a small, family farm, practicing sustainable, natural permaculture.   

In addition to raising healthy, environmentally friendly foods, we provide education to surrounding communities.  We lead farm tours for school field trips, garden clubs, senior groups, and community organizations. 

Our Hobby-Farmer tier provides members with an opportunity to help support our farm endeavors through a small monthly contribution.  Additionally, you have the opportunity to learn the same information we offer during our scheduled farm tours, but they go more in depth due to the topical nature of each video or post.  Plus, you can view them in the leisure and comfort of your own home.  Here, the videos are divided topically, and new ones uploaded each month. Because these videos and posts stay up, you can review them anytime or as many times as you like, as long as you maintain your membership! 
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Cowboy Tier Benefits:
  • Access to exclusive educational videos, focusing on different aspects of horse management, care, training, handling, or using horse-power each month. 
  • Educational and informational posts about some aspect of horses. New posts are added a minimum of once monthly.
  • An invitation to join us and other qualifying tier members in an online Q&A live chat focused on horses.  We will livestream for up to 1 hour each month.

One of the unique aspects of Red Gate Farm, LLC is the fact that, instead of tractors or heavy equipment, we utilize the amazing power of draft horses to work our farm and run our carriage/wagon business.  

If you are a horse-lover, who appreciates witnessing the beauty of a horse, then this is the tier for you!  Regular videos, photos, and posts focus on all general aspects of horses—horses at work and play, the basics of horse care, simple ways to “read” a horse, trail riding, tricks, horse music videos, training tips, grooming secrets, money-saving tips, and much more! 

All that beauty and muscle comes at a price, though!  A well-trained horse requires many hours of grooming, training, well-fitted, quality harness, tack, and equipment, regular veterinary and hoof care, specialized rubber boots for their hooves, and a quality, well-balanced diet. 

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Cavalier Tier Benefits:
  • All the benefits of the “Cowboy” tier, plus...
  • Monthly updates regarding Grace’s rehabilitation via posts or videos
  • Exclusive hoof and conformation image markups
  • Exclusive posts detailing a laminitis rehab process, and common symptoms of equine health issues.
  • Resources for finding, making, or purchasing health and rehab supplies.
  • Exclusive opportunity to submit photos and questions about a training or health/hoof issue with your personal horse. At least once per month, I will select one of these submissions to discuss in a post or video. 

Our Cavalier members take an active part in helping to financially support our current rehab mare, Grace. 

We rescued Grace in the fall of 2019, from a terrible situation.  She had a huge sores, severe laminitis and founder, with her coffin bone just millimeters from dropping through the sole.  She was in chronic pain, with frogs full of thrush, and radiographs showed she had recently blown a large abscess.

 Despite all this, she had a trusting, sweet nature, and desperately needed someone to love and care for her properly.  We actually paid a substantial price to rescue Grace, because we saw tremendous potential underneath the sad exterior.  Although we knew she would take a great deal of time and effort, we had high hopes for her!

We realize there are many owners out there who may be in a similar situation, attempting to rehab a horse on their own.  This tier is for you, and will help educate you on many of the ways we handle a rehabilitation from start to finish. 


Welcome!  We are excited you have decided to visit our Patreon page!  We have spent many years planning, learning, experimenting, modifying, failing, and trying again until we succeeded at this unique lifestyle training horses for our horse-powered, sustainable, permaculture ideal. Educating others, and trying to reduce their pain and heartache of the learning curve we went through became a passion of ours, and we have dedicated ourselves to reaching out to others whenever possible.

The recent COVID-19 issue essentially shut down our face-to-face business.  That's when we realized that Patreon could provide an excellent opportunity for us to continue to reach out, educate, and help others.  It proved such a great option, that we have decided to continue offering this service indefinitely!  Now, you too, can learn from the comfort of your own home, explore new ideas without a huge financial commitment, and become part of wonderful community of like-minded members!

The instructors on the site are Sean Londrigan, a retired Air Force Lt. Col, with a degree in engineering, which comes in very handy around a DIY farm, and Danielle Londrigan, a horseman for nearly 30 years, with experience in training, riding, and driving horses.  She has worked with BLM "last-chance" mustangs, trained horses for D.C. National Capital Park Police and worked with the Los Angeles Cty. Mounted Sheriff's Unit, taught driving clinics, run a horse-drawn carriage business, and is a certified civilian sensory clinic instructor.  Together, they have put together an exciting and informative selection of resources to help you meet your goals! 

Most of all, ENJOY, have fun, and thanks again for joining us!!

Sean and Danielle Londrigan and family
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts

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