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Red Hammer Studios has been involved in creating free modifications for the Arma series of games for almost two decades. It is a collective of game developers, artists and experts from all over the world, who spend their free time working on continuously delivering new content. Countless thousands of hours have gone into ensuring that you all get as much fun out of it as possible. The stance of RHS has always been that our mods are free and will always remain so.

However, making mods is not free by all means. Aside from the countless hours we also spend quite a bit of money every month to support the IT infrastructure that makes it all possible. We would also like to invest more into purchasing reference material (uniforms, equipment for scanning, etc.) and software licenses for our team, to make our work even easier and the results more enjoyable for you. Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility to do that by ourselves and that brings us here.

By supporting us, you will give us the opportunity to continue to deliver great content at even higher quality than before.

"What's in it for me?" you might ask. We'll be honest, the only thing that we can promise is to continue doing what we do. Please only contribute if you want to support us, and are happy with the way we run things! We will still not take any requests or start disclosing any extra information. RHS has always been a place to exercise freedom for artists and this is the way it is going to stay.

If you do become a patron though, you can rest assured you have our deepest gratitude and appreciation. We will of course cement your name somewhere just like any other contributor to our team.

Thank you!
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