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[DISCLAIMER: If you're only here for the art and not my puzzles, please scroll to the end of this introduction]

Hi, there! This is Ryan Faley, AKA "Redhead64" I've always been a fan of puzzles, and I've been making new weekly word puzzles with plenty of references to pop and geek culture on my website called  Redhead64's Obscure Puzzle Blog! Since beginning my blog in December 2014, I've had plenty of people solve my puzzles, some of which are original creations of mine! It's thanks to solvers like you that I'm able to keep my blog going, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. I've even gotten published in GAMES Magazine!

Unfortunately, puzzle-making is not a job that pays often, especially for a freelancer like me. (As an example, my first two sets of puzzles accepted by GAMES were published over a year apart) So if you decide to become a patron, you are pledging to donate a monthly fee (however big or small you want) to help support the creation of my puzzles, and in return, I'll give you rewards and bonuses as thanks for helping me out!

Oh, you probably want to see what kind of puzzles I make, don't you? Well, here are some sample puzzles for you to look at, including some creations that I made on my own!

PUZZLE #10: Meta-Crossword - Guys Like You (puzzleanswer)
Since I was still starting out around this time, I figured that a good way to get my foot in the door was to make a meta-crossword that  Matt Gaffney would promote. Well, I succeeded in doing just that, and the result was me setting a record for most solvers on an individual puzzle.

PUZZLE #34: Squeezed in the Middle 2 (puzzleanswer)
My signature creation, and the one that got me published in GAMES Magazine under the title "Word Sandwiches". Just take a word, add letters to its front and back, and you get a brand new word!

PUZZLE #64: Picross Words (puzzleanswer)
Well before I started my blog, I created a few picross puzzles for, and this was a return to those roots, resulting in one of my very few puzzles that aren't pure word puzzles. This is also evidence of my love of video games, as you'll get the image of a video game character once the puzzle's completed.

PUZZLE #69: Coined Phrases (puzzleanswer)
This one's very special to me, as this specific puzzle actually got mentioned by the New York Times! Okay, it was actually on their Numberplay blog, and the post it was mentioned in involves a math puzzle suggested by one of my solvers, but it's still quite an accomplishment, and because of this, "Coined Phrases" has by far the most hits on my blog (well over a thousand, to be exact).

PUZZLE #108: The Sudoku Code (puzzleanswer)
I regularly insert references to video games, cartoons and anime in my puzzles' clues, but here's an entire puzzle that was outright inspired by an anime (specifically, an episode of the puzzle-themed Phi Brain)! It might look like a normal, number-filled sudoku at first glance, but there is a way to get a nine-letter word out of it...

Oh yeah, I'm also an artist and cartoonist! I've been drawing since as long as I can remember, but for the longest period of time, I just sorta... stopped. That changed with my 203rd puzzle, Rebus Buster (answers for that one are here), when I realized I haven't been drawing for a while and felt like getting back into it, and what better way to do that than with a picture puzzle inspired by one of my favorite game shows, Classic Concentration? Since I first completed creating that puzzle, I've been much more frequent on the art front, making drawings, comics, and even a couple of looping pixel animations based off of one of the clues for each week's puzzle as inspiration (where applicable). So if you like what I make, you can help and support me with my art by signing up for any of the tiers I've marked with an [ART] tag, and you'll also have my thanks for doing so.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 147 exclusive posts

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