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Gosh, you want to give me money? Ace! 

Here's what you'll get...

  • All of the music:
    You'll be able to download all the music I release, for free, a week before it is available anywhere else. The music will be available in mp3 format along with all track information, artwork, etc. 
  • Patreon exclusive blog posts
    I'll always give updates on any music I'm working on, as well as photos and footage from recording sessions
  • Help shape the music
    I really enjoy collaboration of all kinds, and sometimes that can simply mean asking for a second opinion on things. Sometimes I'll post work in progress recordings, and ask people to help me decide how to finish them, or choose titles, etc
  • Other miscellaneous bits and bobs
  • I will like you
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Wow, you really want to go the extra mile don't you? Brill! In that case, you'll get everything you get for one dollar, plus:

  • More (EXCLUSIVE) monthly music:
    At least once a month you'll receive a brand new piece of music, not available anywhere else.
  • Detailed breakdowns of how I create the music
    For each of these exclusive tracks, I will write a blog post about how I wrote and produced them. Each post will focus on a different aspect of composition, arrangement, production, etc. Learning is fun, kids!
  • My Mum's recipe for apple crumble
  • I will like you a lot

Holy smokes!
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  • Exclusive Expanded Deluxe Editions:
    For every album/EP/whatever I release on Bandcamp, you'll get a collection of extra stuff relating to that release, most of which will be available ONLY to you marvellous folks.  Including things like:

    - Alternate versions of songs
    - Remixes
    - Demos/outtakes
    - Detailed sleeve notes
  • Multitrack Stems
    For many tracks (at least one track per album/EP), I will make available the constituent elements of the recordings (ie: guitars, drums, keyboards, etc) as separate audio files, for people who want to remix them.
  • Have your name in the credits of my next album
    And all releases after that for at least the next 12 months
  • I will like you even more



About Red Jam Spear

Oh, hello.

Nice of you to stop by

Red Jam Spear here. I'm a person on the internet who makes slightly wonky music to make your ears happy. Some of it sounds like this. Maybe you like some of it.
I would really love to be able to make more of it.
Like, a lot more.

The thing is however, I’ve always had really ambitious ideas for musical projects.
I’ve been able to finish some of the projects, like the album of Christmas carols which eventually took 13 years to make and featured more than 20 people, or the album I made in 2017 based around the idea of soundtracking other people’s imaginations. There are many projects which I’ve not yet been able to bring to fruition though. Projects like an orchestral psychedelic folk-rock album that I’ve been writing, or like the spoken word musical storybook, or the album based around people’s voicemail messages, or, well, you get the idea. As you can imagine, a lot of this stuff requires money. Money for studio time, money to pay other musicians, and to commision artists, writers, filmmakers, etc.

That's where Patreon comes in.

If you are generous enough to give me the change you find down the back of your sofa every month, then I'll be able to spend more time making more music to make even more people's ears happy (especially yours).
Everyone who gets involved on here will get free downloads (of all of the music I’ve released so far, and all the music I release while you’re a patron), and there's all sorts of fun stuff for those who can give a little extra.
Take a look at the list of tiers over there on the right to see the full details.

Thanks for listening.
Let's see where this thing goes.



If you're tempted by the rewards for the $10 tier, but wouldn't be able to pay that every month, it is both possible and (as far as I'm concerned) totally OKAY to just pay the $10 for one month, and then reduce your pledge to something more manageable from the following month onwards. You'll still receive your $10 reward, and there'll be no hard feelings!
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Thank you video
If we can get 20 people to join in with this little experiment, that's really something pretty darn great, and to celebrate I'll make a video thanking all of you. By name. 
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