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First off, thank you so much for making your way here.
I love making videos. I love making music. I love playing games. It means a lot that there are still people that appreciate even thinking about becoming a patron of the arts. I make the videos anyway (one a day), and I have no idea if people see them, but I'll do my damned best to provide the best possible quality content I possibly can, if only just to satisfy myself.

But making that money on the side has been increasingly difficult with youtube lately, between content claims from game companies and youtube's crack down on restricted content (anything they deem too.. mature?) not being able to be monetized. So, if you like the content, consider becoming a patron!

Things I'd like to add in the future:
  • Polls to choose the next game I'll LP Friday slot chosen by Patrons!
  • A patreon-first LP that you get a week earlier than anyone else DONE!
  • A patreon-only livestream (archives uploaded to youtube)
  • Music videos on a regular basis
  • An in-person D&D stream
  • Continuing the very time consuming Power Leveling series

    I believe LPs should be about the game, not the player. I want to showcase the game - all of it if possible with 100% playthroughs, but even if I don't, I want to show them in a specific light - the best quality they can be in without going to the steps of emulation or upscaling. That means that not all of my videos will be HD quality, and sometimes newer games that only render at 720p will only be 720p, but it speaks to the purity of it.

    I also stream sometimes, if it's a game that works better in that format, or if it's multiplayer. Sometimes there's just random videos I'll put up. I also stream D&D with my friends at least every Monday. I love sharing all of this with folks.

    Here's the content, and some places you might be interested in:
    Discord Chat
    My Music
  • Goals
    56% complete
    I'll sell out, and do some really terrible Elsa flash games for your enjoyment. And probably take requests for something stupid every month.
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