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The Red Victorian is an intentional community that supports creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects.

We house around 15 residents and approximately 10 hostel guest spaces for travelers and visitors from around the globe. We’ve hosted many regular, popular, and free community events, including our lecture series with incredible speakers, figure drawing classes, clothing exchanges, rock concerts, and art shows.

Part of how we create a commons is by co-budgeting, where available monies are allocated by community members to where they would like money to go. Example categories are arts grants, better equipment for recording lectures and other AV productions, giving to specific charities, and many other ideas. We are going to try that experiment here - where every person who donates gets an equal say with what we do with the money we raise.

Running a large space in the middle of Haight-Ashbury turns out to be quite expensive. We are constantly experimenting with ways to enable ourselves to continue to offer our community events for free. We’ve run into increased costs with a property tax reassessment that increased our property taxes by $30,000 per year. We have plenty of ideas on how to meet our increasing financial obligations, but we would love to do it while minimally compromising our ability to offer free and open community events.

So, 50% of money we receive from Patreon will go towards keeping our space viable, while the other 50% will be co-budgeted by patrons, allowing everyone to support their preferred projects while also providing for our space. Every month, we will release a poll where you can vote on 1 or more items to support or add your own for yourself and others to support, and money will be used proportionally to overall votes, regardless of how much you donate. The default categories for the first month are art show support, lecture series food/drink, or sending money to the resident co-budget, and you are welcome to add your own!

You can help us with even a small donation. With direct community support, the question of how to sustain a free and open space for artists, activists, and do-ers becomes easier. Thanks!
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This gives us a robust amount to co-budget with and support multiple projects and ambitions.
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