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Hey, you! Welcome! 

I'm Irena, and I love stories. I love collecting them, I love telling them, I love writing them and playing with language, and I love drawing them and sharing them with the world! 

Patreon allows me to do just that. The monthly income I get from all my lovely patrons has directly gone into funding art supplies, artist alley table fees at conventions, project expenses for small comics, creation and publishing of Inktober collections (like my coloring book last year, and my comic project this year) and sustaining a work/life balance that enables me to create art on a regular basis.

You can see my writing here, and I will link my story posts to Patrons as well.

So what does being a Patron mean?
So glad you asked! This is a monthly pledge, so, if you support me at the $5 level, every month you will send me $5 and you will get all of the lovely rewards listed in that tier. You can change your pledge level at any time, and they are processed at the start of each month.

At every level of support, you get access to my Patreon feed. Here I post sketches, extra illustrations, comic visual development, and high resolution versions of my artwork. You also get a digital pdf copy of my Inktober collection once it is finalized.

What are your end goals?
You can click through my list of set goals on the left, but on a much broader scale: I want to create and tell my own stories full time. I need to be able to pay for business expenses, like my website, shipping rewards, pre-ordering books and prints, and traveling to conventions. I would also like to be able to hire someone as a project manager for books and webcomics, including managing my social media and convention schedule. I have discovered through the very long and stubborn way that I am not very good at the "business" side of this thing.

The ideal situation is that this will start to pay my entire monthly expenses, letting me make art my full time job and getting to consistently put together and create stories and projects that people are interested in.

So check out the reward tiers, look around on my website and instagram, and thanks for the support!
$57 of $100 per month
I will upload one process piece of one of my bigger works of the month so you can see my techniques and ideas as they form.

I will also post a new blog once a month.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts

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