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About James Berardinelli

For 25 years, reviewing movies has been an integral part of my life and ReelViews.net, which launched in January 1996, has been a big part of that. Now, as a result of Patreon, I have been able to expand Reelviews into what I had always hoped it could be. As far back as the turn of the century, I envisioned two versions of the site – a free one that would include a full archive of older commentaries and reviews alongside a full selection of new reviews, and a membership area that, for a modest fee, would provide additional, exclusive content as well as early access to new VideoViews and ReelThoughts. Logistics (primarily related to the need to maintain a paywall) kept me from realizing that…until now.

I came to Patreon on the advice of many of my readers. To those who subscribe here, I can offer “membership benefits”: monthly ReelThoughts and Video Views in advance of their being added to the site as well as a daily diary/blog where I share thoughts about life, cinema, trivia, and the world in general. There are additional perks at higher levels. Whatever you choose to give, however, will be appreciated. And, if someday I can get rid of all the ads and turn ReelViews back into "the largest non-commercial movie review site on the 'Net", that would realize a hope I have harbored since I first went commercial in 2007. Thanks for your support in the past and your support as I seek to make ReelViews bigger and more vital than it has ever been.
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When I reach $1500 per month, I will remove pop-up ads from ReelViews.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,206 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,206 exclusive posts

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