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About Reem Abulleil

After seven years working full-time at a daily sports newspaper in Dubai, where I started off as a reporter/sub-editor and bowed out as the managing editor of the .com, I ventured into the freelance world in 2018 and have loved every minute of it so far.

My time at Sport360 in the UAE allowed me to cover every sport I can think of.

From chasing Mark Cavendish after a sprint finish in the desert, to sitting one-on-one with Roger Federer at the tennis. From interviewing royals in showjumping, to lifting the lid on the "beef" between Chad Le Clos and Michael Phelps in the pool.

From having beach-side chats with Tom Daley ahead of the Olympics, to enjoying the most random conversations with Diego Maradona.

I've hung out at jiu-jitsu gyms with the Noguiera twins, spent the day riding sand dunes with Formula 1 drivers, and gone sailing with Tim Henman and Pat Cash on a Volvo Ocean Race yacht.

I once flew from Dubai to Copenhagen, then crossed the Oresund bridge (bucket list item checked right there) to Malmo, Sweden, just to spend less than 24 hours with star high jumper Mutaz Barshim. I was so psyched to write the piece on him, that I smashed out 3,000 words on the plane ride back.

My job allowed me to fall in love with sport over and over again each day, and the human element remained the common thread that fascinated me, irrespective of which sporting discipline I was covering. Be it players, coaches, parents, friends, physios, psychologists... To me, the story is always about the people more than it is about anything else.

I love the fact that I'm able to share stories of such incredible athletes, and more importantly, I have a real passion for shedding some light on the often-neglected sportsmen and women of the Arab world and the Middle East.

I've been traveling the tennis tour full-time since I made the switch to freelance, but have continued to keep an eye on others sports as well.

I'm grateful for the clients who have shown interest in my work, but there is often a lot more I'd like to share - stories that unfortunately end up unpublished due to budget restrictions, or editorial decisions that are out of my control.

Which is what brought me here, and why I'm talking to you.

Through this Patreon page, I hope to engage with sports fans who are interested in the events and athletes I'm covering, while ensuring none of my ideas go to waste.

Considering my hectic travel schedule and heavy workload, I can't make any promises as to how frequently I will be posting here, but I plan on sharing diaries from the road, interviews with players, as well as video and audio content, to give Patrons an authentic and insightful view of whatever I'm covering.

If you're curious about my job and have questions about what it's like being a freelance sports journalist, or if you want to discuss anything sports-related, feel free to drop me a line and I'll answer your queries periodically via a live Q&A session.

The sports media landscape is constantly changing and it's getting harder for publications to send journalists to tournaments, let alone freelancers financing their own travel. I'm a firm believer in that there is no real substitute to being onsite at an event as a reporter, and I'm committed to keep traveling across the globe to bring you stories. Your support here will help me continue to do that!

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