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About The Regeneration Institute

Regeneration Institute
Research, Innovation, Development, Education

What began as a family cooperative in the suburbs of Seattle has bloomed into a regenerative living R.I.D.E. center in the mountains of northeast Washington. Join us as we develop new ways to restore and revitalize the optimal health of families and communities around the world. What is regenerative living and how can you and your family benefit from it? We will show you, follow along as we share regenerative living practices that can:

• Increase health and happiness
• Build stronger financial security
• Reduce waste
• Deliver higher yields on your investments
• Eliminate debt
• Facilitate positive environmental impact

for yourself, your family, and your entire community. Subscribe now and learn how to regenerate your life with our fun and informative videos, blogs, projects, and adventure.

Take the R.I.D.E. with us!

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Nestled between the Okanogan and Colville National Forests of Northeast Washington, The Regeneration Institute is a non-profit education center designed to Research, Innovate, Develop and Educate regenerative living practices that are efficient, beneficial and restorative to our lands and our communities.
We invite you to support our work as we research and develop our first regenerative agrihood with educators, developers and researchers who will work hand-in-hand with qualifying students to establish food, water, housing, energy, and waste systems that serve a beneficial role to the natural surroundings.


Students can choose online or onsite educational opportunities including, but not limited to:

Permaculture Design
Natural Building and Architecture
Water and Wildlife Management
Regenerative Energy and Waste Systems
Culinary Arts
Textile Arts
and other Regenerative Living Practices

Research will be conducted at every stage of our regenerative agrihood development. Onsite and online tours and demonstrations will be provided throughout the year to provide the public with opportunities to experience a wide variety of regenerative living models our instructors and students co-develop a living model of a regenerative agrihood- a completely self-sufficient agricultural based community that will meet all basic needs for the families who live upon it, and which over time will also provide a surplus of food and energy to benefit the surrounding community.

Rather than protecting lands from destructive property development, we will protect land for highly beneficial property development by educating the public on how to live regeneratively upon it.


Short Term Goals: Enhance existing 25 acre research and development site to allow for appropriate student/instructor housing by improving and expanding the current structures and food/energy/waste systems.

Long Term Goals: Develop a regenerative agrihood on 100 acres consisting of students, educators, researchers and administrators who will each be assigned a parcel upon which to develop regenerative dwellings, gardens, food forests, ponds, apiaries, greenhouses, poultry, rabbits, root cellars, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and energy and waste systems.

Development & Education

Phase I: (2019 - 2020)
- Fundraising
- 25 Acre education/research site improvements

Phase II: (2020 - 2021)
- Continued improvements and enhancements to 25 acre education/research site
- Instructor, researcher, administrator interviews and selection
- Program and curriculum development
- Student application/registration process development

Phase III: (2021 - 2022)
- Continued improvements and enhancements to 25 acre education/research site
- 100 Acre site selection
- Open application for student registration
- Interview and register qualified students

Phase IV: (2022 - 2027)
- Continued improvements and enhancements to 25 acre education/research site
- Assign each student, instructor, researcher and administrator with a 2.5 acre parcel
- Commence five-year regenerative living education and development program to run April - November of each year

Phase V: ( 2027 - 2028)
- Successful graduates and qualifying instructors, researchers and administrators of a five year program to be deeded their parcels upon signing the co-housing association agreement.

Act Now

Help us establish a twenty-five acre site comprised of researchers, innovators, demonstrators, and educators along with study participants who aim to develop/research regenerative homes, gardens, energy, and waste systems. A collaboration with the purpose of determining the best practices and systems to incorporate into a regenerative living model fit for this unique bioregion. By implementing biodiverse agriculture, green building, modern technology, and primitive skills, the Regeneration Institute seeks to work with, by and for the community in which it operates to provide educational opportunities and provide a surplus of food produced on site to locals food banks.

Incentives for Patrons


Contact us for volunteer and internship opportunities.
Donations of building materials are also appreciated.

Join us in Creating a Regenerative Living Education and Research Center

Regenerative Home Design

Permaculture Systems

Wilderness Education

Primitive & Modern Technologies

Bushcraft & Art

Wildlife Tracking

Plant Identification

Outdoor Adventure

Off-Grid Living Skills

Retreats & Events
$0 of $500 per month
When we reach this goal, the development of the curriculum for the student programs and facilities to host guests will be launched.
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