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About Regular Features

Hello reader,

We are five men who do a free podcast show on the internet called Regular Features, and we would like your support. Hey-ohhhh.

Our names are Jon Blyth, Gav Murphy, Steve Hogarty, Joe Skrebels and Matt Lees, and with your help we've been doing our podcast for about six years. That's over 300 episodes, or one episode a week. Given an average length of 45 minutes per episode, the time we've spent recording Regular Features amounts to 1,000 man hours. That's more than forty days, or three quarters of a bee's entire life. Between sleeping in his bee bed, shagging the queen bee and spunking out bee honey, that's all of the bee's spare time taken up.

Even knowing about the bee thing, we're probably not going to stop making a free podcast any time soon. We like doing it too much and it's lots of fun. But it's recently become more difficult and expensive for us to get together. There was a golden age when we all worked in the same office and could abuse the recording facilities by being friendly to the receptionist, but that's all changed now. We've been spread out across the globe, like the kids in Captain Planet.

Log's moved to Nottingham and requires constant ferrying back and forth. Then there are more boring things like microphones, hosting and the miles and miles of bunting we insist on setting up before each recording. Some of these are one-time costs, others are on-going.

And because we spend a lot of time preparing, writing, recording and then (for one of us, we take turns) a whole evening editing, we have less time to do other jobs that actually pay our bills and rent. We're busy, like the bee from the second paragraph.

We would like you to support us in creating more episodes if you feel that what we do is worth paying for. Our goal is to continue making a weekly podcast published every Thursday, exactly like how a professional podcast does it, and to help us achieve that we are asking you to pledge as much or as little as you like towards each episode. Patreon works a bit like a rolling Kickstarter. You decide an amount to pay per episode, and you only pay when the episode launches.

That's it. You don't even have to pledge, you'll still get Regular Features either way, but by pledging you'll be helping us make better features more regularly. We'll even have special privileges for those who donate, such as access to some behind the scenes added content or features too bad to read out loud. (There was a tombola once, but it was too much admin and we couldn't make a convincing tombola sound with our mouths).

Thanks for reading

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