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About The REIGN Collective

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We're about more than just workshops and presentations at REIGN. Our creative team have loads to share that will help others understand child sexual exploitation from survivors' prospectives. We also offer community and support for those who have lived through sexual exploitation and abuse.

We will post regular content that challenges common conceptions and offers new insights but won't be a slog to read through. 

Donating through Patreon will help keep this small, survivor-led social enterprise afloat and make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We want to be changing the world for the next generation of children, spreading education and awareness, but our time is often spent filling out funding bid after funding bid. Crowdfunding is the future of sustainable activism so if you like what we stand for and want to support us then pledge today!

All our thanks, Elicia,  Zoe, and the REIGN team. 

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