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About Aiga Smite

Hi Beautiful! 🌸 

I’m so happy you are here! I know you are ready! 

Let me tell you more about the Patreon page...

We have a theme for every day (5 days per week). 

On Mondays it is #MANIFESTINGMONDAY. It is a day when we let the universe know what is our intention for the new week. And when we come together and cheer each other we can accomplish great things! ♥️ 

On Tuesdays it is #TAROTTUESDAY. It is a day when you have a chance to choose your card in an interactive reading. Reveal is posted later that day. When I will get brave enough I will come in and do the reveal live in the group. I’m getting there 😊 

On Wednesdays it is #REIKIWEDNESDAY. It is a day when you have a chance to receive Reiki healing. More info available in the events section in the group. ✨ 

On Thursdays it is #PROMOTHURSDAY. It is a day when you can tell us all about your business or service. It is a great way to get exposure to you and for us all a great way to know about wonderful businesses and services! ♥️ 

On Fridays it is #FREEBIEFRIDAY. This is your opportunity to offer something to our group members. It can be your introductory course or a reading, maybe free e-book or even meditation etc. 💛 

I would to to let you know that I also have Facebook group where I offer free Tarot or Oracle card reading and Reiki healing at the beginning of each month. ❤️

I am so excited to welcome you into our community! 

It’s time, 


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