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BASIC: Sketch Bin

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reward item
per month
You get:
  • Access to all the sketches I normally would throw away at full res. 
  • WIPs
  • Any other random non-finished art I feel like sharing. 
Includes Discord benefits

BASIC: Sketch Bin 《18+ Edition》

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reward item
per month
**By selecting this tier you confirm that you are at least 18+ in age.

You get:
  • All Sketch Bins rewards
  • Access to all 18+ content at full resolution. 
Please note** I do NOT draw porn. This type of content includes any content that could fit a 16+ rating such as: (borderline/heavily) suggestive, teasing, artistic nudity, nude studies and anything else I do not want to show to minors on twitter. 
  • My 18+ Twitter sketch dump is @CommissionB0t where I post some of this content. The stuff found on that account reflects the kind of content you'll get from this tier. 
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
per month
You get: 

  • All BASIC: Sketch Bin rewards
  • Access to 4kHD res files (no watermark, but has my signature) from personal & fan art pieces. 
  • Access to HD res files (1920x1080, with watermark featuring commissioner's name) of any wallpaper, standard lock-screen or YCH commissions I've done that month. 
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Reilukah's Refuse Receptacle

**NOTE, I have set up payment upfront, so when you become a patron you will be charged immediately and then at the start of every month!

Make sure to follow my Twitter or Telegram for Patreon updates.

This is my glorified tip jar! Drawings and sketches that I have previously discarded are now available as rewards for specific tiers!
Heya! I’m, Ki Rei but you can call me Rei or Ki; I don’t have a preference. I’ve been a freelancing commission artist since 2014 and I love my job! I’m an artist who has a vast interest in a variety of things and I fully embrace the need for change and experimentation. With that said as long as you are excited about never fully knowing what to expect, we’re gonna have a great time!

** Text in orange lists bare minimum rewards for each tier. 
  • Access to all sketches, WIPs and other non-finished art I want to share
  • Access to patreon exclusive commission openings (usually new and experimental commission types but sometimes a percentage of public commission openings which are announced on my Telegram Channel)
    • At least 1 sketch/doodle a week OR a min of 4 sketches/doodles per month

  • All BASIC rewards
  • Access to all 4kHD resolution files of personal and fan artwork.
  • Access to all 1080p HD resolution files (1920x1080 with a watermark featuring the commissioner’s name) of commission work such as wallpapers, lock-screens and completed YCHs.
    • At least 1 finished personal / fan work per month OR a set of 2 colored, personal art sketches
    • At least 4 high res commission files OR a 2nd personal / fan work per month OR a set of 2 colored, personal art sketches

18+ Edition Content:
  • Anything labeled 18+ Edition means you will gain access to all the full resolution NSFW content I make. The content will be predominantly sketches, WIPs and experiments and (on rare occasions) finished drawings. 
    • At least 1 sketch/doodle a week OR a min of 4 sketches/doodles per month

  • Please note** I do NOT draw porn. The type of content included in this reward tier will be: 16+ content, suggestive, teasing, artistic nudity, nude studies and anything else I do not want to show to minors.
  • My 18+ Twitter sketch dump is @CommissionB0t where I post some of this content.

If you are a new patron, you will be charged once upfront as an onboarding fee and then the first of every month thereafter.

Currently I upload an "art dump" every Friday consisting of content that I've done that week.
I try to create as much content as possible beyond the bare-minimum promised. However, once the minimum promised content is delivered, I will still prioritize commissions first because that is my main source of income. Due to this, the actual amount of rewards will fluctuate but will never go below what I have promised to deliver.

Every time I post rewards *not* on Friday, I will post an update on my Telegram Channel & Twitter (this excludes 18+ Edition rewards & commission openings).

I would LOVE to have the time to create my own content and stories. I am currently working on two comics, one about Chinese werewolves, the other about a mermaid & dragon girlfriend duo and supporting this Patreon is directly contributing to increased time I can allot working on them. I’ve also constructed my patreon to provide more content each time we hit specific supporter benchmarks so make sure to check out the goals!

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully express how much the support for my art has been life changing. Everyone who has supported me or my art has made a direct contribution in making my life awesome that I never could have imagined. Thank you.
$98.96 of $500 per month
Reaching this goal will unlock more things for everyone!
  • BASIC (aka everyone): A minimum of 1 "Color Me" Sketch/line-art piece per month. Includes .psd file
  • 18+ Edition: At least 1 quick colored piece
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