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  • You’d also be able to join me for a monthly round of Board Games Online. 
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About Reizna

On this side of the internet, my name is Reizna, but you can call me Sarah too.

From a childhood, I found myself drawn into the many video game adventures and the art of cosplay. It helped pass the time when going outside to play was no longer an option for a teenage girl.

I played video games by myself, with my sister watching me in the background. I now play games with my boyfriend and our friends. I also cosplay with this same group of individuals, learning and growing in the craft with them all. And there is still so much to learn.

I’m a fledgling streamer on Twitch and a novice cosplayer, who has a small goal: to be someone who paves the way for others.

I haven’t seen anyone who looked like me stream on Twitch. There was always a particular standard of beauty that I had felt that I did not meet. However, with encouragement from my partner and our friends, I wish to combat that stereotype and that belief.

I also want to expand the library of games I play and stream more content more often.
I also want to improve in my cosplay craft.
I also want to help promote visibility for others who look like me and uplift others who want to be visible too.

Come join in on the fun! Should you choose to support me and my adventures, thank you. Hope to see you during the next game!

(Avatar Photo Credit to Mix Fotography. Header Credit to @serendipeddie)
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  • Allows me to stream more regularly.
  • Would also allow me to help keep a PlayStation Plus subscription for a couple of months.
  • Would also help finance materials for the next cosplay on my To-Do Lists
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