Relative Dimension is creating Shadowrun Podcast

Street Runner

$2 /mo
Thank you.  We greatly appreciate your support.  At this level (and all levels above it) you will gain access to any bonus game podcast episodes we do, at least a week before they are released to t...

Established Runner

$5 /mo
Thank you!  At this level (and every level above it), you can have access to episodes (mostly) raw. I will remove dead air, and any personal information, but leave in all of the table chatter that ...

Monthly or bi-weekly Podcast Hosting

$6 /mo
Have an idea for a podcast, but hosting fees are holding you back.  I was there, and I understand that fees can add up quickly.  Domain fees + Domain Hosting + Podcast hosting adds up quickly.

Prime Runner

$10 /mo
Thank you!  At this level (and every level above it) you can create a Custom NPC for the game.  At this level, you can submit a Major NPC that will have a significant role with the game.  I will wo...

Monthly Patron Game

$20 /mo
At this level, you will be part of a custom monthly game.  We can get together to decide the kind of game that it will be, whether you want street scum, established runners, or even a non-Shadowrun...

Prime-er Runner

$20 /mo
Thank you very much.  At this level (and every level above it), You have the option of submitting a Character that will be used in cameo appearances. Maybe it will be someone's new contact, or a p...

Street Legend

$50 /mo
Seriously, thank you.. I mean it, thank you. At this level, you will have a spot in the monthly reward game (if a spot still remains), and you will be able to help create an NPC for the game, and e...