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Patreon Feed Access: You gain access to my Patreon feed where I post updates about the channel, my life, and anything else that comes to mind.
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About Religion for Breakfast

Our Mission:
Religion for Breakfast believes everyone should know a little bit more about religion. Religion touches every aspect of human civilization—our art, politics, history, and culture. It has inspired some of our most ethereal music. It has motivated some of our greatest leaders. And, yes, it has also sparked some of our biggest wars and social injustices. But for something that is so important to human history, how much do we really know about religion?

In order to navigate the pluralism and complexity of the 21st-century religious landscape, Religion for Breakfast strives to boost our religious literacy by producing high-quality educational videos on a variety of religious studies topics. Our topics range from ancient Christianity to modern religious theory, though we hope to expand the topics that we cover as the channel grows. 

We handle each topic with the utmost respect, recognizing that discussions about religion often evoke powerful emotions and opinions. This, however, proves the vital importance of religious literacy. If we care so much about this topic, we better know something about it! To that end, we invite you to pledge financial support for Religion for Breakfast. With your help, we can raise the level of conversation about religion on YouTube!

Who am I?
Hi! I'm Andrew Henry. I earned my PhD in religious studies from Boston University in 2020. I haven't always studied religious studies though. I was originally trained as an ancient historian and archaeologist of the ancient Mediterranean. Before my graduate studies, I worked at the University of Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology in their Babylonian artifacts section, and I have also excavated in Greece and Cyprus. My research focuses on the religions of the late antique Greco-Roman world, specifically early Christianity (post-Constantinian Christianity...the New Testament isn't really my cup-of-tea).

Since starting my Ph.D, I have fallen in love with the academic study of religion. I see religion as one of the most fascinating facets of our species, and I truly believe we can improve society by just knowing a little bit more about religion and knowing how to recognize its influences. As an apprentice-scholar of religion, I try my hardest to maintain neutral in my methodology, neither endorsing or denigrating a specific religion. 

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