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About Rick Elrod

Hello, world!

I have a plethora of spare-time open-source projects that I work on, all available on my GitHub account.

Among these projects are:
  • The da.gd URL shortener.
  • The bing_translator rubygem.
  • The mapview high-altitude balloon ground-based tracking system.
  • Various experiments and libraries written in functional programming languages.
  • Various experiments and libraries written in dependently-typed programming languages such as Coq.

I also have a mountain of student-loan debt to pay back, having just recently graduated.
Any donations made through this Patreon will go toward the upkeep and maintenance of these libraries, and the server hosting and domain renewal costs for da.gd.

da.gd is used by a number of highly-visible open source projects to share links within their communities. I do everything in my power to ensure high availability, and so far I have been paying for the server and domain renewal out-of-pocket. However, given the student loan situation, I have decided to accept donations from the community.

If you find da.gd or any of my other open-source projects useful and wish to help out and get me out of student loan debt slightly quicker, your contribution is beyond appreciated!