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Here's the catch: everyone else gets that too.
The last thing we want to do is put up a paywall between what we learn and the people who can learn from us. We all need to work together, locally and internationally to reduce plastic pollution. This is the approach your $5 will support.
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We aim to engage people in sustainability through new and interesting techniques such as hands on plastic recycling and nationwide podcasts. We run sustainability workshops to share understanding around waste problems, provide hands on skills to empower individuals to make sustainable changes, and promote circular economy systems by showcasing what is already happening in our community. We are based in Christchurch but connecting New Zealand wide. We develop resources, workshops and podcasts to share our work and make sustainability easy and accessible to everyone. 

If you like the sound of our work but can't afford a financial pledge, we appreciate you following along, engaging in the conversation and consider sharing our story on social media or in person. Thank you!

Note that the support from Patreon members subsidizes our other work. If we are running a workshop for a business or group that can afford to pay, they do. If there is a contract role that covers an area of work we are interested in, we will aim to work in a paid role rather than be supported through Patreon. This system just allows us to continue sharing with our community without having to pack it in and get a 9-5 job!

Your support with allow us to continue:
  • Creating online resources on plastic recycling from our experience
  • Creating resources on circular economy and waste reduction
  • Supporting work on So Circular radio show/podcast
  • Running workshops for community groups for free or at subsidized rates
  • Hosting meetups – Plastic Recycling Christchurch, Second Hand Christchurch
  • Donating products
  • Meeting people that are working in relevant areas, building collaborations, showcasing other projects, sharing knowledge and resources
  • Tracking and reporting impact

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