Remrov's World of Autism is creating videos about autism

$1 /mo
You have access to all my videos and other content. You will learn more about autism from a person who's on the 'inside'. Besides that you are part of a very important journey, and you're making su...

$5 /mo
The above
+  A discount code for prints and products with my artwork on Fine Art America

$10 /mo
All the above
+ You can send me an email with your questions regarding autism or art, and I will personally send you an email back with the answers. 

$15 /mo
All the above
+ A “Thank You" card with my artwork mailed to your home address

$20 /mo
All the above 
+ A digital high resolution file of my first lion pencil drawing (the one at the top of this page) sent to your email address. 

$30 /mo
All the above 
+ A free print of one of my drawings of your choice send to your home address :)

$50 /mo
All the above
+ A Skype chat in which you can ask me anything you want about autism or art.