Renata Fernandez Visual Artist

is creating Large & intimate paintings/drawings, sculpture
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For only $5 per month you'll get exclusive access to a video tutorial EVERY TWO MONTHS of the art techniques I use, the tried & tested, but also new ones I'm willing to explore myself ! (so we all learn together!).

In my practice I make use of very old, even ancient techniques I want to share with you, such as the preparation of home-made guesso (the renascent way!), and how to apply it! This is the technique I use to prepare my round and oval board supports. 

But also I would like to share with you how to prepare canvases,  use gel plates in order to make monoprints, or monotypes; or how I develop layer by layer paintings.

Become part of my creative practice by becoming one of my patrons and gain an insight into my creative process. 


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A4 Print of an original work, from ongoing series of mine (DECK CHAIRS, NL or HP ) based on monoprints made with gel plates and acrylics.

Open edition prints, a new one every 3 months! Printed professionally  in good quality paper 200grms.

Postage included for USA and Europe, but not for other parts of the world (but we'll work out reasonable between us, right? ;)

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One postcard every 2 MONTHS, a different one every time!

Support my art while building up a collection of postcards, unique to this platform.

About Renata Fernandez Visual Artist

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to my Patreon Page!

My name is Renata Fernandez and I am a Venezuelan-born artist based in London since 2003. I work from my studio in Willesden Junction.  My last solo show was TROPICO CAMUFLADO in Museo Alejandro Otero, Caracas, Venezuela, 2013-14. I show my work constantly in London,  as well as in France, Belgium and Spain, and my work is in several private collections in Venezuela, Taiwan, Spain, USA, UK, France, Germany and Belgium. I am represented by Marciano Contemporary Gallery in France and have work showing at the moment at their Avenue Matignon,  Paris.

Would you like to be part of the making and developing of my art? Would you like to tell your friends that your support helps me to strive as an artist? That by being my patron you get to know and truly understand where my art comes from? To help an artist by being one of her patrons is something to be truly proud of: it means you share the vision that art needn't be a luxury but a necessity, and that you could make it happen!

By becoming one of my Patrons you could become part of the making and developing of my art. Your support would allow me to continuing being an independent artist, keep my studio up and running, acquire the best quality possible art materials, explore and develop new techniques -even those that could  allow me to continue dabbling into public art or new media; promote my art in order to reach a wider audience, among many other things that can only be possible with your help.  

If you subscribe as one of my patrons you can get many benefits that range from monthly postcards to eventually acquiring original work of mine after a few months. My subscribers get every month a video tutorial that reveal the techniques used into making my art. Patrons even get to know exclusive techniques, or get to learn new ones as I explore them myself. Subscribers get exclusive evening or weekend open studios, gatherings that are meant to introduce my most recent work, as I produce it. By becoming my supporter, my patron, you could get limited editions or specially released linocuts, access exclusive work of mine not available anywhere else - such as my illustrations - or become a collector of recent small to middle or middle large format paintings of mine every few months.  Keep an eye on the tiers as I add new ones!

So come along and have a look at all the ways you can possibly support my work and be a crucial part of the making of my art!

Many many thanks for your wonderful support!

Warmest regards,

Renata Fernandez

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Dear Friends!
When I reach the goal of $500 per month I will start an exclusive limited edition linocut print which will reach patrons committed to the  $70, $100 and $300 monthly as a big thank you!
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