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This tier includes one free hand-inked rashi and navamsha chart on watercolor paper upon joining, done by Renay.

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You get access to all articles, videos, podcasts, and calculators two weeks before others do.  The podcasts will be downloadable. You will also receive calculator source files, typically in Mathematica or Python.

This tier includes an AI-driven adventure game, coded by Renay in Mathematica.

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All of the $5 and $10 benefits plus one "Astrolo-gee!" t-shirt upon joining and access to 2 classes per month of the following:


Every Thursday at 6 pm - 7:30 pm Mountain (8 pm - 9:30 pm Eastern, 7 pm - 8:30 pm Central, 5 pm - 6:30 pm Pacific), Renay Oshop facilitates a drop-in Jyotish group tailored just for you:

  • You direct the class!
  • Bring anonymized charts to share.
  • Understand your chart and your readings better.
  • Explore current transits and collective events.
  • Casual and fun.
  • Meet and network with other clients and students (if you wish).
  • With your approval, you will be added to a dedicated Zoom chat group.




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About Renay Oshop

"Actual research!!! Yay!"

"Scientific astrologer par excellence"

My research has been retweeted by @WolframResearch and featured on the front page of Hacker News. You can find it as well in numerous articles online and in print.

Now that the Sun is climbing from Its nadir and rising in Its analemma again, I am excited to announce that I am part of Patreon.

Starting this week, I am filling up my page with new content, including special offers that are not available elsewhere, much of it free with the minimum tier.

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Patron:

1. Great benefits that you are going to want.

2. Eligibility for frequent special offers that are free for your tier group and are unavailable anywhere else.

3. Support research that “is like nothing else out there”. [David Cochrane, Kepler software]

Really exciting offers are available to every one of my patrons at all tier groups.

My motivations for my Patreon page
have everything to do with:

A. Reliability in data, time, and energy, things that are important to any researcher.

B. More personal energy to direct into astrological research.

C. More creativity and free flow of thinking.

My motivations for creating SIX Patreon special offers :

1. To engage with my existing clients and audience in a new way.

2. To establish a new type of professional relationship.

3. To showcase new creations in a setting that best suits them.

I am running FIVE new special offers concurrently on my Patreon:

A. Hand-inked rashi and navamsha chart on watercolor paper (to all subscribers at all tiers).

B. Infinite Adventures AI-based text game (calculator tier and above).

C. Free ideal location determination for Tithi Pravesh or Varsha Phala (research tier and above)

D. Free “Astrolo-gee!” t-shirt (class tier and above)

E. Free Ga-na-nam card game (research tier and above)

Become a Patron Today.

Renay was accepted to MIT, Oxford, and Harvard at age 15 and accepted a faculty position (bottom of the totem pole) at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center at age 21 to specialize in early computational molecular biology, vowing never to take another exam ever.

She subsequently attended Vasant Lad's Ayurvedic Institute, a kind of Hogswart's, which also included 6 months of training in India, and embarked on an international 22 years-and-counting journey to study Jyotisha, following both parents by becoming a professional astrologer. She was also lucky enough to take all of Hart de Fouw's American astrology and palmistry courses.

As an astrologer, she still feels like a computational biologist.

Now, she finds herself quite busy with private readings and focuses on advanced studies and scientific research of Jyotisha. She is on the Board of Advisers for the Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association and The Ratio. She considers herself a grateful follower of Shrī Karūnamayī.
$112.80 of $500 per month
When the total reaches $500 per month, Renay will do at least one YouTube video per month reviewing astrological research of others.
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