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You are the foundation of spreading this message of love.  Because of you, I am able to grow my voice to advocate for human and nonhuman animals.  As thanks for your support, you will receive:

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For those brave souls on a more self-guided path with Sanctuary13 that may want to have ready access to others walking beside them from afar.  Included in this tier:

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You're ready to break the chains of domestication for yourself and for those in your care.  Time to let go of fear and move into a deeper understanding of love.  Included in this tier:

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About Ren Hurst


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Are you ready to rewild your heart and undomesticate your life?

I help guide people in revolutionizing their relationships with animals, removing obstacles that are likely keeping both human and animal from a permanently accessible state of well-being.  The result is emotional freedom and the reduction or elimination of common behavior challenges without the need for training/dominance.  This work applies equally to all species, including significant others. 

The wild in you hears the calling of your soul. It is who you are beneath all the layers of conditioning, trauma, and story. For far too long we have lived domesticated lives perpetuated by our domestication of others. In doing so, we cut ourselves off from the instinct, intuition, and inspiration that make up the wisdom of our most authentic, wild, interconnected selves. I’m here to help you restore the connection through a body of work I call Sanctuary13; a set of 13 practically applied principles that can undomesticate your life and empower you to be the person you were meant to be.

For the complete back story, I invite you to check out my first book:

Riding On the Power of Others: A Horsewoman's Path to Unconditional Love.

**100% of all proceeds from Patreon go directly towards supporting the animals here in sanctuary at our home, Phoenix Landing**

Here's what people are saying:

" I found Ren after reading her book which seemed to talk directly to me in its message of non exploitation and unconditional love . Becoming a patron was a no brainer and the best decision I have made in a long while . Ren’s work for me is life changing and life enhancing in its impact on how I go about my day to day life . My relationships with my horses and other animals have transformed and the connections with them and my human relationships are greater than ever . This is a spiritual journey towards a greater consciousness and Sanctuary 13 and its guiding principles are the path I’m staying on for sure 😊😊💕” ~ R.D., United Kingdom

"I have come to realize that I have spent much of my 66 years here on this earth putting layers of emotional protection around the metaphorical onion that is my life. I became the story of my negative experiences and the resulting hurt, confusion, loss, fear of rejection, anger and so on, rather than internalizing and emulating the joy of simply being alive and connected. Meeting Ren created within me a more productive reflection on why I was feeling and interacting this way.  Patreon provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with Ren and to start peeling away those layers of that onion we call our experience of life: to learn the why and the how of coming from a space and place of love rather than a place of fear. Her weekly sessions are the bomb – Truly. You can connect with her one on one or in a group. I hope to see you there!" ~ A.M., Canada

"In a world of experts and gurus, Ren Hurst stands out as a person who truly “walks the talk.” Her personal journey is both moving and inspiring; it is readily obvious that she has taken to heart all the lessons she has learned along the way and embodies them. I believe she is one of those rare truly gifted individuals who is a wayshower with powerful lessons for humans about what’s possible for the future of humanity. If you are committed to becoming more loving in the world, Ren’s wisdom will help light your way." ~ M.B., North Carolina

"This is something I have been struggling to put into words for weeks, but have finally realized I just don’t have the words for it & maybe it’s something that can’t be described. The information shared by Ren Hurst is something so profound & important to me. It’s an ever evolving practice on how to love myself, those I’m in relationship to, & most importantly the dependents in my care (8 dogs & cats & 14 farm animals). At the Wildling tier, you can participate in a weekly discussion based on her body of work called Sanctuary13. These honest & raw discussions are priceless! Although they can be very difficult at times to apply, I look forward to these weekly discussions because they challenge me to become the best version of myself. In my opinion, what else are we hear for? Thank you so much Ren 💜 I’m forever grateful for your wisdom & honesty" ~ C.P., Georgia

"Ren’s weekly teachings have helped me create a much better relationship with my dog! There were many aha moments, and more continue to come. Some of the commitments are hard but are rewarded big time with a calmer and happier dog who is able to think for herself. The relationship works just the same or even better than training - after a short adjustment period of course.
While working on myself with these principles, it is great to have Ren’s consistent support. It is also good to have a group that shows up every week, and I feel that my questions are heard and answered, and that I am safe to express myself in a caring environment. This group also helps to stay on track and continue on the path.
Since starting as a Patron a few months ago I have grown so much as a person! I’m clearer with my boundaries, watch my energy more closely over the day - especially when in company of an animal or person, and take at least a little time per day for myself just to be.
And lastly, I know that my small contribution as a patron is helping Ren’s sanctuary animals get the care they need. All in all a win-win situation" ~ K.W., Oregon

"One of the easiest steps on the journey to living your truth is acquiring the knowledge and information necessary. The most challenging part is actually putting it into practice and living it. Ren's ability to help you navigate through the practice of engaging in relationship with others is like wandering across a bright torch amidst the darkness of night. You feel immediately blessed not to have to blindly stumble and trip over the terrain. You still must walk the path, but with the invaluable tool of a guiding light. The teaching is delivered from a tangible state of unconditional love and kindness, a gift for any human ready to walk this path with any animal." ~ A.C., United Kingdom

"These weekly lessons have blown me away! I come away with so much to think about and ponder. Ren's work is transforming my relationship with animals in a profound and powerful way and I've only just begun exploring it! Not only is it affecting my relationship with animals, but it's affecting my relationship to people. This work is helping me to dive deep into my heart and help me align my intentions and actions with love. I am so thankful to have discovered Ren Hurst and the work she's doing. It's truly life changing!" ~R.L., Canada
68% complete
My initial goal ($2000/month) is set to cover all the basic care expenses for the animals at Phoenix Landing -- our sanctuary home.  All income received from Patreon up to this financial mark goes directly to the animals in my care to secure their current month-to-month needs.  Once this goal is reached, expect a major celebration and a surprise offering of gratitude to all that made it happen!
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