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About Renee Claire Blog

Thanks for being here! 

Who am I? I am a minimalist, childfree, married, anxious woman. I have a passion for writing, reading, traveling, and photography. 

Why create a blog? I was unemployed for a year after graduating with a master of science degree in 2019. Since then, I have been consistently writing about my past and present life events. I have found comfort and joy in putting my experiences into words. Although my education focused on science and theatre, it managed to reignite my love of writing which I had let slip away after finishing high school. Throughout my degree, I wrote a lot with creating presentations, publishing papers, and completing my thesis. I enjoyed scientific writing and I really loved the process of laying out an outline, filling in the narrative, and publishing the work. Completing these different things showed me that I can manage and complete large writing projects. With my knowledge of writing for research purposes combined with my love of writing about life, I am now working towards a big goal of writing a book! I have chosen to do this through a blog format so I am motivated to write consistently and so I can learn what content stands out to my patrons as interesting. From there, I will take the content, expand on it, and write a book. By supporting and sharing this blog, you are encouraging my love of writing and helping me accomplish my goal of writing a book! 

Why minimalism? Since the beginning of our relationship, I believe my husband and I have lived fairly minimalist lifestyles. However, we didn't do it intentionally at first. We were just frugal people who didn't own much stuff which didn't necessarily mean we were minimalists. Recently, we decided to fully embrace living as minimalists and are continuing to learn how to apply minimalism to all parts of our lives. We were inspired to become minimalists by reading about other people's stories and I want to share our experience with you as we continue this journey of embracing minimalism fully! 

Why be childfree? I think on some level, I have always known I was childfree. The biggest thing for me is that I have never felt any desire to be pregnant. That didn't necessarily equate to not wanting kids for me, initially, but it was just something I always knew about myself. In the past few years, my husband and I have really embraced the term childfree. We love kids, and one of our favorite things is being Aunty and Uncle to two beautiful niblings, but we just know that we do not want our own kids. With not having the big goals that come with raising kids, we are exploring what goals we do have for ourselves moving forward. How exciting and terrifying! Join us as I share about living childfree by choice as a young couple! 

Why get married? It seems to be less and less expected of people to get married young, which is great! My husband and I were actually the first of our close friends to get married, turning to my older sister and her husband for advice as we went through the whole process. We got married in 2019 so this is all still very new! The decision to get married in 2019 came with me almost being done school, being together for 7 years, living together for 2 of those years, and really feeling ready to take that next step. People definitely don't need to get married if they don't feel it's the right choice for them, though! For us, the choice was about wanting that declaration of vows and wanting the official feeling of being married. On this blog, I will be sharing about all things marriage as we grow together as individuals and as a team. 

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