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  • Second Bloom: Transition to New Midlife Vocations from Mothering & Homeschooling. What comes next after a season of life committed to mothering, caregiving, homemaking, and homeschooling. Course description here:

Plus full access to all my podcast episodes at the Podcast Conversations level. 

About Renee Tougas

Hi, I'm Renee Tougas.

Maybe you landed here from my blog and if so, you might know that I've been blogging since 2004.

My blog is an exploration of the Big & Beautiful Ideas that animate our lives through the lens of my own particular life experiences with homeschooling, mothering, homemaking, marriage, adventure, and creativity.

I write at the edge of my growth curve, at that line where things are evolving or have recently shifted. The details change according to calendar and life season, but in a nutshell I share stories of personal growth in the context of family life, always seeking truth and beauty while carrying a healthy dose of skepticism for easy answers.

I write about the things that really matter (love, beauty, belonging, community, creativity, etc.) by writing about the the things that really matter (kids, family, home, vocation, etc.)

The vision for this Patreon community was to support the ongoing work of my writing (it takes time and resources to keep a blog going) and to extend the conversation by exploring other people's life experiences and the things that matter to them.

From Sept 2018 to August 2020 I published 24 podcast episodes and 2 courses on the Patreon Platform. Patron support made that possible, which is really cool.

After a difficult life season of decreasing energy for content production (pandemic fatigue anyone?) I decided to stop producing Patreon content for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping to use the small ember of energy I do still have to keep the home fires burning on my blog.

I'm currently living at the edge of a lot of change in my personal and professional life, while at the edge of the societal upheaval that is 2020. That's a lot of edge for me, a lot of change, and all of it has undermined my creative energy to produce the podcast and other content here.

All the content I've already created over the past two years still exists here. But no new content is being created for the time.

For $5/month, which is the Podcast Conversations tier of support, you get access to my podcast interviews - conversations with ordinary people living extraordinary lives, sharing stories of personal growth and transformation at the edge of their own life experience.

I am so proud of these episodes and know your life will be enriched in some way by listening to them. The partner of one my interviewees said this after listening to an episode:

"I'm so impressed with [Renee's] interview skills. Production is at the pro level and much better than other "bigger" podcasts."

Gee. Thanks. 😊

For $20/month, the Courses & Workshops tier of support, you get access to:

A participant from Freedom Education had this to say about that course:

"I found the course life changing. It helped me focus my belief system. Firm up issues I was wishy washy on and served as a guide for moving forward into our teen homeschool years." 

To gain access to either the podcast or the courses, become a patron at that particular tier level. Stay a patron for as long as you need to listen, watch, read and learn from the material and then stop membership whenever it works for you.

If you have any questions please reach out either here or my email [email protected]
You can also find me at my blogIG and Facebook.

All the best to you as you navigate the edges of your own growth and life experiences.
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