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About Danny Whittaker

Hey folks, thanks for checking out my Patreon page.

Renegade Ape is a podcast exploring novel, controversial, and fringe issues in psychology and philosophy.

I do this podcast mainly as a hobby and don't have any sort of lofty goals or delusions about this becoming anything other than a niche indulgence for a select few people.

Truth is, I just don't care enough about social media or self-promotion to give any sort of a shit about internet popularity.

This page simply operates as a way for people who enjoy my content to support the podcast and receive some fun little rewards in return.

Right now I record and publish whenever I can be arsed. If enough people wind up supporting the podcast I'll aim to make it a more regular thing.

Thanks, Danny
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When I reach a million supporters I'll cash out, drop the podcast like a sack of shit, move to the Bahamas, and retire!
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