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Hello amazing supporters!

I’m Reneice, and I’m a black, fat, queer, femme creator in Los Angeles, CA. You might know me from my writing and column Femme Brulee on Autostraddle, or my modeling and advocacy on Instagram. I'm also a body-positive, mindfulness centered wellness coach with an MSW from NYU. Maybe you’re here cause you’ve baked one of my recipes for your birthday or found the courage to love your body just a little bit more after reading my posts. If you’re new to my circle and in search of high quality, relatable, black queer content, you’re also in very good hands here, so welcome! I’m so grateful you’re all here giving a home to the recipes, words, and photos I create. You are the community I keep in my mind every time I advocate for racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and fat and body positivity, among many other things. I love creating and expressing myself in these ways that let me connect with all of you, and that’s why I need your help.

Supporting myself through freelancing can be chaotic, unpredictable, and at times unhealthy and unmanageable. This Patreon is a way to bring a little more stability to my finances and give me the freedom pursue my creative work in a deeper, more sustainable way. To start, I’m officially embarking on the journey of writing my first cook book! It’s incredible and exhilarating but daunting, and it’s only just started! (insert nervous laughter here) This early in the process, I know only a handful of things: the book will be digital and self-published, it will have all kinds of recipes (not just baking), it will be black- and queer- and fat-positive as can be, and it’ll be really expensive to make. Testing recipes takes a lot of time and financial resources – huge barriers to getting a book like this written. Doing it on my own, I need all the help I can get. You’re making a long time dream of mine come true. Have I mentioned how grateful I am? Can’t hurt to mention it again!

This book is just the beginning. I have screenplays and self-help books that aren’t steeped in fatphobia and white privilege to write. I have events and spaces to curate that are truly safe for marginalized bodies, queer stories to tell and children’s books to author. I have so many projects to bring to life, and by joining my Patreon, you’ll get me one step closer to making it happen! 
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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll enroll in a food writing and photography course. I plan to take most of my own photos for my cook book. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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