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About Rennie Starks

As a young student, bartender, and cosplayer making her way through the world, many projects, dreams, and goals must go unrealized due to the fact that I simply cannot afford it. This makes me sad, but it also hurts those that look forward to seeing my work on Facebook or Twitter everyday. My fans deserve to have new and fantastic content everyday, and I hope to make that happen for them.
Not only is the money going toward new costumes, but it would be going toward travel expenses that would be unattainable at this point in time, so I could meet my supporters, give them hugs, kisses, and the time that they so lovingly deserve. 
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With this money I would be able to finish some of the costumes that are already in the works. This includes some costumes that many of you have been asking for, like Rey from the Force Awakens and Ryuko from Kill La Kill.
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