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About Renorasims

Hiya! I'm Renora from Tumblr and I create CC for The Sims 4. 
After the Early Access period is over my goodies will become available on my own website!
Adfly/shortner free as always!

Are these Exclusive Gifts you only get once you've pledged?
Nope. I want my content to be available for everyone.
I don't want to cut people out who aren't able to pledge!
The items posted over here will be released in give or take 2 weeks after Early Acces Release (on my own website).

What kind of CC do you create?
At the moment CAS content is really my jam! I also made a fair share of BUILD/BUY Mode stuff. I do plan on making more stuff for BUY mode since I enjoy this very much as well! Above is a small portion of the CC I've created thus far! If you like to see it all, make sure to visit

What i'm offering:

  • At least 4 items* of CC per month.
  • 95% Base Game Compatible.
  • 100% Maxis Match CC.
  • Regular updates, when necessary.
  • And more! See your pledge descriptions.

*At least 4 items?
As I'm trying to find a healthier balance in life, creating CC and expanding my knowledge into mesh making, I decided to put out a minimum of 4 items per month. It's all explained in this post, please read! if I have more time I might make more but at least 4 items!

Doesn't this violate the TOU of EA?
No it doesn't because it's not an exclusive, it's early access. See EA statement over here.

What happens with my donated money?
2 months ago was able to purchase a Wix subscription (hosting service) for 2 years in advance instead of 1, thanks to you guys I got a huge discount! Since I was able to purchase more then 1 year. I was also able to buy an expansion of my RAM memory which improved my iMac's performance quite a bit! Besides that I also save/pay for:
  • Currently saving for: new chair for my desk!
  • Website hosting.
  • PSD subscription.
  • Much more!

If you have any questions whatsoever about the pledges and it's rewards please contact me here and I'll respond asap! 

250 – reached! patrons

If we can reach this goal I will release a small CAS CC Pack that has a special romantic theme. Pack will be released within a month after hitting the milestone.
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