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Our Constitution: 

On April 30th, 2018, five penguins vowed to make the Pizza Boys and repel club great again. With a broken promise we have made the decision to take matters into our own hands, and to take back our army after it’s death. Along with that we have also made the decision to write a new constitution, making ourselves a democracy so that with no doubt, the Pizza Boys and repel club can survive no matter what. The first new change we have made is The High Council, a group of several penguins whose job it is to vote on important decisions such as war, and electing a leader. Each member of the High Council is given one vote each on a poll. In order to be able to get into The High Council, a soldier must be the rank of Major or above, and the must also be voted in by the current High Council members. The second new change is the rank of Second in 
we are the best we can be right now but my dog died and I am making a go fund me so more people can pay for dog tumor removal so you should help us. Please help us we are a good place I am will do anything to help pets will you help us please  cause my dog died because a...tumor
            -chad 7-24-2019

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