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About The Reprobate Press

The Reprobate: Difficult Ideas For Difficult Times. In Print And Online.

Visit The Reprobate website.

We live in a world of sterile culture, vacuous conformity and aggressive thought control – the dull thud of empty thought; the tedium of empty culture; the tyranny of the uninformed. You deserve better. We all deserve better.

The Reprobate Press intends on giving you exactly what you deserve. Exploring the worlds of degenerate ideas, erotic extremity, social contrariness and outsider art - with challenging ideas, graphic imagery and uncensored commentary - The Reprobate Press is your one-stop encyclopedia of life's essentials.

The First Transmission of The Reprobate appeared in January 2017. The Second Coming was published in August 2017. Both are edited and published by David Flint, who previously brought you Sheer Filth!, Headpress, Divinity and Sexadelic, has written for everyone from Rapid Eye and Total to Skin Two and Mayfair, and has contributed audio commentaries and interviews for blu-ray releases from Arrow Video, Severin Films, Mondo Macabro, 101 Films, Second Sight and others.

Following these two editions, we have launched a series of themed books - limited collectors editions that will build into a library of the bizarre and the unusual. The first, Satan Superstar, was published in April 2018. This is a limited edition (666 copies, of course!) book on Satanism, occultism, black magic, witchcraft and weird religion in pop culture, and has writing by Billy Chainsaw, Lydia Lunch, Boyd Rice, Lucien Greaves, A.D. Hitchin, David McGillivray, Nikolas Schreck, Nigel Wingrove, K.K. Eye, Logospilgrim, Keri O'Shea, Bruce Barnard, Tom Six, Daz Lawrence, C.J. Lines, Jason Atomic and mant more. Subjects covered range from The Church of Satan to devilish country music, pulp witchcraft fiction to Iranian black metal, Satanic Sluts to Dennis Wheatley, and beyond.

We followed this with an ultra-limited edition photo book, Now A Major Motion Picture, featuring a selection of the best movie tie-in novelisation covers, lovingly restored. This project sold out as soon as it was published.

We already have several other print projects lined up, which we can pretty much guarantee you'll love. We are also posting daily (other than when we're up against a print deadline or when real life gets in the way) on our website, with galleries, news, articles, opinion, reviews and video clips.

All this takes time and money. The Reprobate Press is not a profitable concern. We have very limited advertising - to actually have advertising beyond the odd affiliate link on the site would involve gutting it to remove any challenging or provocative content, and that would render what we do worthless. given the esoteric nature of what we do, we are unlikely to ever make vast sums. But with your help, we can not only continue to publish in print, but also ensure that our website continues to be a growing and vibrant collection of the strange, the quaint, the outrageous and the bizarre - and gets to move to a more flexible, creative format; produce confrontational and entertaining podcasts and vlogs; and eventually launch out into the real world with film shows, club nights and other events.

We hope that you are interesting in supporting our future endeavours. Thanks for your time.

Visit us at to immerse yourself in the full experience.
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The immediate aim is to relieve a few financial pressures. It will help us develop the website and promote what we do.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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