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As the popularity of World of Warcraft has been significally dropped in the past years, as Curse has been seeking other games to support too, being a WOW addon developer was not easy. Specially not if you are creating a free content, in your own free time.

I'm not the only one who felt that, we need to take steps in a different direction.
So thats why now i'm asking you for support. Thats why i launched this Patreon project, which will hopefully allow me to do what i did in the past 11 years, to create free content that everyone can appreciate.

Being a developer is not easy, it's not about "playing games", and it takes a lot of time. We are creating cutting edge content every day, that you can enjoy/use while you play.

So i would like to ask if any of the following addons made you a better player, or you simply just had fun playing with them, consider to pledge. Keep that in mind that your money is not only to keep this projects alive, but to make them better in plenty of ways, and also to support my ongoing newly created ones.

I have taken over Recount since the summer of 2014. For nearly 4 expansions i was helding the support for this project from the background. My main goal was to keep the addon alive while preseve an accurate damage meter, no matter how old it's codebase was. My main goal hasn't changed since, even now when we're standing before Legion.

When Gladius went black in the summer of 2013 a lot of copycats appeared at the time. I also had a fork from this addon called Gladius v3, which was one of the most popular one. Around 2014 i got invited to the original project too, and since than i'm the main coder of the addon. I have plans for a lot of new features in the future.

When in 2013 this project was looking for a maintainer i volunteered instantly. Since than i have taken over the project and feeding bugfixes and updates ever since.

X-Perl had a lot of issues probably since The Burning Crusade ended. For a while i was updating this project as an outsider in the original addon, but since my hands was tied i decided it's time to fork the whole project, and handle it as my own. Thats how Z-Perl was created. While fixing the enormous number of bugs from the original project i was adding new features and options as fast as i could. The main problem of this addon is that it's very hard to maintain it with such an old codebase, even harder to add new features, but my plan is to support the addon as long as i can.

Power Auras
When Power Auras 5 beta was released, the older Power Auras v4 version of the addon almost hit the trash bin. While it took a lot of time to reach the original author (Meorawr) i got his personal permission to keep this mod alive and feeding new features into it since the summer of 2012.

I maintain this old boy since 2013, and plan to do it in the future.

Currently maintaining the project.

I also have many other smaller projects, and i also help in some other, full list:

Unreleased projects, under development:

Z-Perl 2
Would you like to see a modular Z-Perl on a crack, as the most efficient and fully secure unit frame ever created? Then Z-Perl 2 is for you.
Creating an Unit Frame mod from the ground is very hard. I learned that in the hard way. I currently have at least 1 year of development time in this project, but at least it's really going somewhere.

MoveAnything 2
MoveAnything with extra features.
Core is ready, need to create GUI.

Recount 2
How badly would you like a damage mater with every functionality that Recount has or even more (more user friendly GUI, dinamic tables, better graphs and piechats), but it would be as light as Skada?
Well, soon...

Secret Project
Not to reveal yet.

Curse profile:

WowInterface profile:

GitHUB page:
39% complete
This is the minimum amount that would allow me to stay as full time addon developer.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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