MJ & Aoigai

is creating Shrink/Giantess game
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About MJ & Aoigai

Hello and nice to meet you!

We're MJ and Aoigai and we're developing Resize Me,
a size-fetish story-based 3D game with (optional) VR elements.
MJ is the programmer and Aoigai is the graphic artist.
We're planning to release the full version via Steam once development is complete,
and until then, we will post developmental versions of the game on here
(as well as various info on the game's progress and future plans).
We believe that with your help we can make the eventual full version of the game even better.
Thank you so much for your support!

The English translation for the game is being done by Alicemagic: https://www.patreon.com/alicemagic

Вы также можете скачать официальный русский язык от нашего русского переводчика Abyss Under Yggdrasil вот здесь.

We've received reports that the game won't boot up through SteamVR for some people, and we now know it's because the game's filename had a Japanese unicode character in it. (The exclamation mark- !) It should work fine by editing that character out, but please do tell us if you're still experiencing issues with SteamVR.

added Camera Reset for VIVE controler(requires SteamVR)
Trackpad touch + Middle finger grip button

If you can't play at all while using VIVE,WindowsMR,
/you're experiencing slowdowns while using Oculus DK2
this version might fix that (requires SteamVR)
We've received numerous reports of players being unable to proceed in certain scenes, so we wrote a provisional Q&A that might help.

サイズフェチゲームResize Meを作成中です。完成版は販売する予定ですが、

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